Asus p5B-E: Can't get eSATA connection to Seagate Freeagent pro 500 GB

I'm wondering if I can get some help getting my eSATA connection working.
I'm running Vista Ultimate 32 bit, a Asus p5B-E motherboard with intergrated eSATA and a seagate freeagent pro 500 GB with an eSATA cable.
I've plugged it all up and no luck it won't work, Vista won't even recognise the drive,

From what I read the eSATA port at the back of the case (which is what I'm using) operates through the jmicron controller. In the BIOS I've tried setting the jmicron controller to RAID and/or AHCI no luck in either mode.

I should add I have 2 IDE optical drives connected to the jmicron controller as well. These drives work fine even though the jmicron controller is configured in the bios to be in RAID or AHCI.

Also, there is no option 'enable esata' in my bios - version 1601 (the latest version).

Drive works fine via USB 2 connection.

Any ideas?
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  1. I am having the exact same issue (using ASUS Striker mobo and WD 500 gig external HD). Drive works w/ USB, but nothing with eSATA connection...
  2. I have a Asus P5NSLI and have no success via the eSATA rear port to the Seagate Pro 500Gb.....Ok, like you, with USB....

    View from Seagate: try another cable.!

    Anyone help!?
  3. I have an Asus P5K-E/deluxe with the same Jmicron controller, same Seagate drives. It's probably the cable.

    I have tried getting another seagate, another controller (sillicon image based), nothing worked until i got a decent (siig) eSATA cable and then bam everything worked.

    get a siig cable and move on. ;)
  4. Hey Guys,
    Just an update I've flashed my FreeAgent Pro with new firmware and upgraded to the latest drivers for the jmicron controller. Still no luck.
    I'll try another cable and see how I go.
  5. What I did, and yes I had the same problem with my Asus P5B-E was this. Connect the esata cable from the external enclosure to the Jmicron sata port directly on the motherboard. (Its down on the lower left of the board by itself marked as "Raid" as I recall.) The following is a bit long but it helped me and it should help others:


    I don't have the most experience with esata and there is likely a more simple and better way to do this, but i figured i'd post what i did anyways.
    So if anyone has any info, i'd be glad for it. i couldn't find much online about it.

    i'm running an ASUS P5B Plus board with sata hd and sata dvd drive, the rest really doesn't matter. If you also have a p5b board, see my note at the bottom.

    i've had trouble getting esata to work the way i thought it would. i just thought you could plug the adapter that comes with the enclosure into any sata port and you were off to the races. not so. you can use your esata drive that way, but it's not going to be plug and play. which means you'll need to have it plugged in and turned on before you boot up your computer AND wait till you shut your computer down to unhook it (without glitches.)

    BUT you can get it to work plug and play; the key is ahci. what is ahci? read this link.
    amongst other things, ahci allows for things such as plug and play.

    So here's a couple tips about getting esata to work plug and play style.

    option A (not actually sure if this will work, but i think it would): set your bios to run drives ahci as default instead of ide.
    the trouble with option A is that if you've already loaded your system on your main hd running as ide, it won't likely boot.
    so, what else (besides reinstalling)?

    1. use (or get) a motherboard OR card with sata raid. note that pci sata raid cards only go at sata 1 speeds (1.5gbs) because of the limitations of pci. don't know if their is a pci-e option out there.

    2. now that you have raid, plug the sata cable for your esata port (hooray for the front esata port on the sonata III) into that raid sata slot.

    3. set that raid port to run as ahci

    *now even having done that, you may need to have your external hard drive plugged in at your first boot. but from then on you can turn it off and unplug it/plug it back in all you want.

    *note: on the p5b board there is a little sata port hiding all alone in the corner of the mobo away from the other 6. the writing beside it says 'raid'. that is the one you want to plug your esata harness into if you want 2 in the back or you have a clever case with front esata.
  6. An update - my new SATA2 eSATA cable arrived today.
    As soon as I plugged in the drive using this cable Vista instantly picked up the drive and installed the relevant drivers.
    I can confirm that the drive is working via eSATA like a charm.
    Obviously the previous cable I had was rubbish.
  7. hi,

    i am having the same problem. i contact customer service. they told me to buy esata cabel from ESATACABLES.COM . then it should work fine.

    i was cursing at that guy. just think about it. they should include the cabel or put a note on the site that we need to buy esata cabel from that site. seagate & western digital guys are freacking bastard.
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