Can't activate MS Office after install of new motherboard.

Hi, I installed a new motherboard in my computer, and after reinstalling MS Office, I can't activate my copy because it still thinks my key is activated on my old system. Please help me or direct me somewhere if you guys can. I need office asap! Thanks.
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  1. Did you re-activate windows yet?
  2. Yup! Same key and all. Accepted, as expected, too.
  3. markusaurileus said:
    Yup! Same key and all. Accepted, as expected, too.

    Did it offer the MS over the phone activation?
  4. Yeah, MS office let me 'try' over the phone, but it ended up telling me that the transaction couldn't be complete and that it wasn't sure if I was trying to activate a genuine MS product. I've had this copy of office since 2003-04 when I bought it.
  5. Maybe it's time to try OpenOffice.
  6. Did, and it's simply not the same. I've gotten to the point where I'm so used to MS office that I have to use them. Its the standard for me. : /
  7. Try it all over again + the phone call with live person!
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