SHould i cool the hard disk?

I just got my 7200rpm HD replaced by dell, a 6400 inspiron. Its just 6 months and it starting making clicking sounds etc. Heat from the HD has always been my concern and I believe that maybe thats why it failed so early. From speedfan i get on avg 45 C, on normal use. I was thinkin of buyin that targus chill mat. Would this work, and if so, will the HD greatly benefit from such a cooling? thanks , just dont want a HD failure :I
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  1. mine's been running 45 for 3 years now... usually just placing the HDD into the crossbreeze from your front and rear fans is all you need. Make sure the drive is firmly bolted down to the chassis. That helps with heat dissipation. Knowing Dell, it's probably got some kind of snap in connection which doesnt really allow for conduction cooling. If there is no airflow then it couldn't hurt to get an HDD cooler. Maybe not the targus chill mat, but something. targus chill mat is awfully expense as an hdd cooler...
  2. If it's making clicking sounds it's proabably on it's way out. Get a new hard drive, I like Western Digital atm, my 160gb WD1600AAJS is only $50 on newegg.

    Get a good new one, and back up your important files.
  3. THanks for your replies guys. Now the thing is the HD is on the right side, while the fan is way on the left corner. So you can say the right of the lappy gets really hot, the left side stays normal. Well i do need to put something under the lappy to raise it, as even if its on a firm table, the table under the HD gets hot and doesnt help then whatever little ventilation there it. (with summers not really started yet here is australia, my lappy is gonna burn lol)
    It just starting to make clicking sounds a few weeks, so its already been replaced by dell (was under warranty). I had a seagate 100GB ST910021AS, now they replaced it with a hitachi 100gb hts721010g9sa00. I hear that the hitachi is a fraction better than the seagate version, so i have no compaints :)
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