Should I step up from 8800GTX to 8800 Ultra?

Yeah.. I went through EVGA... but there's nothing exciting to step up to.

My stepping up period ends fairly soon.. and I'm just wondering if it's worth it to throw the extra $100 to step up from a 8800GTX (that I bought at $559) to a 8800ultra
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  1. No.
  2. spend 100$ somewere else , its not worth it
  3. no your basicaly paying 100 dollars for 10 frames

    its like comparing the 7950gx2 to the x1950xtx, except that was worse 200 dolalrs for about 10 frames more and buggy drivers

    if yuo must have the performance you can just oc your card to ultra levels which is basically what the ultra is an overclocked gtx with better cooling
  4. If you've got money to burn, sure why not? It's not a good value by any means, but it is the fastest performing card out presently.
  5. yea go ahead, ill take your gtx and then overclock it passed your ultra
  6. overclock it yaself
  7. Don't.
  8. weston said:
    yea go ahead, ill take your gtx and then overclock it passed your ultra


    my thoughts exactly
  9. I'm sure you can waste your money somewhere else.
  10. First buy me something.
  11. Well depends. The question is can you step up again after your first step up? for instance, if you say upgrade to the ULTRA version, would you be able to step up again for the next gen?

    if yes, then i would say then go for it assuming that the next gen of geforce arrives within the next 90 days. This way you can maintain the most amount of your money in your pocket. IF you get the Ultra now, you may be able to refresh the step-up time frame and if the next gen comes in that period, you can again step up to an equivalent card by paying less. Rather than buying a whole new card for the price of the first one!

    hope that has helped. :)
  12. buy a new hs+f for your gtx, oc your gtx
  13. How about you put that $100 on your savings account, wait a few months for the 9 series. I'm sure you will agree when I say that no one can tell the difference between an ultra and a gtx when it comes to fps.
  14. Jes. Then overclock ultra to Leviathan and you have $900 card for $100. :pt1cable:
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