Just built my first PC, couple of questions.

I just put together my first PC, q6600 with 8800 GTS 320, ds3r mobo, 4 gig pc6400 RAM, etc. I think I did it correctly for the most part, but I have a couple of questions.

Firstly I have an old windows 98 unused install disk, and I was going to use it to use the upgrade to Vista home premium. I had to order the 64 bit DVD off the microsoft website, but until it gets here I would like to use the machine. Couple of things. I have heard I can do a fresh install of the Vista upgrade without even using the windows 98 disk, and I've heard that it's always better to fresh install instead of upgrading. Is this true/legal? Also if I go ahead and install the 32 bit version of vista so I can use the machine what sort of headache will it be to upgrade to the 64 bit version when the DVD arrives? Will microsoft give me a problem registering or will any of my peripherals? Thanks.

The second thing is bios settings. I have crucial ballistix 6400 memory, and I have read some different voltage settings with them. But it seemed to be working fine(up to the insert installation disk prompt) without changing the voltage, so is it even worth fooling with it? I'm not talking about overclocking, just getting it to the proper voltage.

Finally I have heard under 50 degrees C is good for your CPU temp. I installed a GeminII board cooler with 2 120mm fans and my case came with two fans and an exhaust vent. However even leaving the PC running(at the install prompt) for 20-30 minutes I never seem to get over 21C. That seems awfully low. Is it possible my power supply is bad and my parts are not getting the power they should?

Also my PC makes no sound. All the LEDs on the front light up, and the power switch etc work, but I have no POST beeps or any noise on startup, and I think I have the speaker connector hooked up correctly. Is this something I should be worried about? Basically I'm just nervous I spent a lot of money and I'm not positive about what I'm doing. I've tried to read up about these things, but there are a lot of different viewpoints. All input appreciated.
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  1. Fresh installs are indeed better then upgrades. In fact, some of the new boards don't support 98.
  2. Is your PC booting? If it is, then there's no problem (mine makes no beeps unless there's an issue) and what is your Room temp? what is your PSU? having under 50C is alright on the CPU, however with aftermarket cooling and a very cool room it's normal to get under 30C.
  3. 73F in that room. It seems to boot fine, up until it says insert system disk etc. So doing the double install trick with an upgrade isn't going to invalidate my version of windows? And going from 32 bit to 64 bit won't be an issue?
  4. I have no idea, I've never tried that (never even thought of it). If I were you I'd just go with 64-bit all the way, but who knows.

    73F (22oC) is a very cool room temp, with proper cooling your CPU can very well go below 25oC.
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