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Hi All
I just found this site when I was told that the new game (History channel Dogfight) would not run on my system, neither would Medal of Honor:

Mother Bd P4 L4S5MG/651+
Intel Pent 4 2.40 GHz
RAM 1.50 gb
109gb hd
Video SiS 650-740

Well since then I have tried to educate myself and this site has confused BUT enlightened me.
So what I need is some one to confirm my choices or point out how stupid I am.
So, since my mother bd is only PCI, not express, figure I need to go AGP. Yes No Maybe?
My choices 7600 GT GDDR3 256 or should I spring for 512 and would I see a difference
Choice 2: 1650 pro ddr3
And a new PS 550 or 600w So what do you think? I love combat flight sim. Games. If you cont shoot something what’s the sense of playin.
Thanks for your help so far. This site is amazing
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  1. You should check to make sure your motherboard has an AGP slot. Once you know i´d go for the 7600GT since it is a good deal faster than the 1650 pro. If you have the money you might want to look around for a 1950 Pro. Those cards are quite cheap for the performance they deliver and it would outperform both the 7600gt and the 1650 Pro.

    Go get them Red Baron.
  2. Not sure what your budget is, but if you're into flight sims, you might want to consider getting a new computer. The newer flight sims offer an amazing experience, but come at the cost of some expensive hardware.
  3. the 7600GT is faster than the 1650pro, but as someone else mentioned just try to scape a few more dollars together for a 1950pro as they are fairly cheap and offer good performance, but be warned you need to check your power supply can handle it.

    also you say you have a P4 2.4, well last time i looked the minimum requirement for the new medal of honor (airborne) is a p4 2.8! so you may want to consider getting a 3.2 or 3.4 to be able to play without it being like a slide show..dont get a 2.8 even though it says thats the minimum because it will be very choppy..you need a 3.2 or 3.4 and a 1950pro i think to play the new games at medium to low settings..but you really need a whole new system to run these new games at high settings, ie- core 2 duo and 8600 would be the lowest id upgrade to..

    i know its a pain in the *** to upgrade as i am in the same situation but really if you want to be able to play these new flight sims and so on you will have to..just save up for a couple months and get a whole new system instead of buying a 1650pro or whatever, it will be worth it in the long run.

    good luck!
  4. Well I have an AGP4x slot.
    Tthe Medal of Honor version I have says 1.5 ghz p4. Must be an old version.The other games are Microsoft combat flight sim Europe CFS 2 and CFS3 all work ok but the history chanel stuf needs Direct X 9.
  5. oh ok you have the old medal of honor, yes any pc will run that :P the new one will be out in around 4 weeks

    agp 4x hrmm thats harsh, all agp cards run at 8x so a 4x slot will really slow them down, if u can save up for a few months and get a new system, for a few hundered u could get a system that will go ok for your needs

    dont computers suck! buy something for $1000 then 3 years later they arnt worth 50c..

    really just get youself a 6600GT they are cheap and support dx9 and 4x agp wont slow it down much as they are not very fast to begin with, but as you already said you were looking at a 7600GT id get one of those, they are faster

    u really need a new cpu as 2.4 barely scrapes the bottom of the barrel these days, i have a 3.4 and it only just holds up with these new games today..

    a 7600GT and a p4 3.2 would be a good cheap solution and last you a while i think, for what you use it for anyway, but by no means would it satisfy an enthusiest gamer

    get the 7600gt now, then down the track when you have another $70 grab a 3.2 or 3.4.
  6. btw the 512mb version of the 7600gt will be better in the long run
  7. Well the 512mb version wont be better in the long run if it has gddr2.
  8. Actually, the AGP 4x slot won't hamper performance all that much over AGP 8x. You're only looking at a marginal few percentage points from what I recall. I've seen a few reviews (and even an episode or two of Screen Savers) that show you likely wont notice a difference. I'd be more concerned with your power supply. The SiS 650-740 looks like integrated video so you may have a weak PS. The 7600GT would consume as much as 10 watts less than the 1650Pro while providing better performance, but you should check to be sure you are able to power it.

    If you are looking at a new power supply anyway, at Newegg you can get an X1950Pro for just $10 more A/R than a 7600GT. I suspect that would be a much wiser investment of money, but it's your call.
  9. Thanks for all the input.
    Yes my PS is a 250 but I'm springing for a 600. A frend is giving me a 80 gb Hd so I'll be adding that tooand if I find myself in a position to change MB and processor I'm covered.
  10. Get a 7600GS. It has lower power requirements than the X1650 pro and will perform roughly the same. Don't waste your money on a 512MB version either. Just get a plain Jane AGP 256MB 7600GS. And don't worry about using an 8X AGP card in the 4X slot. You won't notice the difference.

    The 7600GT is nice, but a bit pricey for something this old. Depending on how long you wish to keep it, it may not be worth the added cost.

    If you're in the U.S. check out Newegg, ChiefValue or ZipZoomFly.
  11. Who's old?
  12. Well a lot of it depends where you are posting from as pricing is very different around the globe.
    For instance i am in the uk and i can get a 1950pro for the same or a bit less depending on offers at the time which would make it a no brainer as you are getting a new psu.
    If you are thinking of getting a 1950pro which is no doubt the best value for performance dx9 card out at the min then you will want a psu that has 30amps on the +12volt rail.
    Crazyhandpuppet is quite correct in that the x4 wont notacibly affect you.
    It would be a waste of your time and money to get a card below 7600gt or x1650xt,the gs and pros are lower down the pecking order if you didnt know.
    The 512 will be a waste as the cards really are not powerfull enough to make use of it and it would only come in at high res or demanding texture games.
    Make sure which ever way you go get a card with gddr3 memory.
    Hope thats helped
    Ps it really is time to start saving for that upgrade :( :)
  13. Again thanks for all your help. I am really glad that there peopel who are so knowledgeable on this nity grity computer stuf AND take the time to share it.
    I went with the 7600GT 256 gddr3 and a Xion 600 w power supply with pritty blue leds. SEXY ! So far all is well and preformanci is excelent but I don't have much to compair to .UBI soft Pacific Fighters runs without flicker at maxium settings and system temp is actually 1 deg cooler.
    Thanks again
  14. i have both microsoft flight sims, my P4 2.4 runs fine with both games, and i ran CFS2 on a 1ghz P3! with a geforce 4 MX! not sure what res was but it was XGA or SVGA. 7600GS or GTwill be more than enough for them, not sure about medal but if it requires a 1.5 your 2.4 will work well enough, if it bottlenecks you can just turn up the eyecandy to get your dollars worth.
    Dont compare with the VGA charts for FSX on THG, somethings bottlenecking everything, if they get 24Fps at XGA res with a 8800ultra, somethings wrong.
  15. lol I actually have one of those boards sitting not 50 feet from me right now. lemme tell ya, it is a dog. You wont be too happy dumping $100+ into a video card for that board! Best bet is to buy a $50 pci express card (it will probably perform better than a $100 agp card) and a $50 pcie mobo! And then drop $60 more on a cheap X2 or something.
  16. I wouldn't put any more money into that aging P4 system. Look for a cheap mobo+dual core cpu combo, some cheap memory, and a bargain pcix card, use your old media drives.
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