ASUS M2N-SLI Deluxe POST/BIOS problem

Hey, so I have a m2n deluxe that won't start BIOS, fans and drives spin, but that's it. If I pull out the the RAM everything spins up as it should and I get 1 long beep followed by 2 short beeps (I'm not sure what type of BIOS I've got running, but this sounds like video failure from AWARD, although a lack of RAM message makes more sense here). This seems to indicate that things are working, except my RAM - but on two previous boards that I had to return (both lit on fire) BIOS did run, which then seems to indicate the RAM works (as well as everything else).
I just now tried another piece of RAM, same problem.

ASUS M2N-SLI Deluxe, AM2 socket
Patriot DDR2 PC2-6400 800MHz 1GB
or, Kingston DDR2 PC2-5300 667MHz 512MB

A point of note, neither one of these are on the "Qualified Vendor List" for this board - although the Kingston was the closest thing that my local shop had. But, seeing as how the RAM on previous boards worked (albeit, while on fire) I think it's the MoBo - but I've never heard of refusal of RAM as a defect, plus word on the street is that this line of board is picky about RAM.


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  1. Hello Friend,

    It seems you have EXACTLY the SAME problem I have!!!!!!

    Have you had ANY success since you posted this? Please see

    my post (UTOPIA) from 08/26/07. Where else are you seeking

    help? Maybe we can help each other.....
  2. Same problems here. Wasted money on two of these.

    Replaced every bit of hardward apart from the motherboard last. Waste of time.
  3. Yep same here. Asus M2N Sli board purchased in Aug 08 crashed Dec 08. Replaced:
    cmos batery
    PCIE card

    ASus Support was not good. Said was not mobo. Until spend time and money replacing other componets. I bought ecs gf8600a instead. Excellent Board with many extra features. Running the AMD AM2 5000 cpu on it.
    Sent the board back to ASUS . waiting for replacement.
  4. i have the same problem on my asus m2n- sli delux bord, i send my bord 2 times to asus repair service 2 times they chanced the pci x 16 slot, i hope on next time i change this bord on services, because i gat the same problem again on start up my pc.
    For this bord is the best thing to do buy new one, i both asus m2n68, on this bord no problem what so ever.

    my config
    asus m2n - sli delux
    amd phenom 9950, now i yous amd d core 6000
    msi 9600 gt
    4 giga a data ram
    550 w psu
  5. I'm new to the community and not a wizard like some, but I have an ASUS M2N32 SLi Deluxe also and may be one of the lucky ones that got it running grand. I had alot of issues with it recognizing drives when I first set it up, but worked out all the bugs. I'm running twin ASUS 9500's and they were even a bit difficult to navigate Nvidia's drivers and setup programs. The error code sounds like its video as you mentioned, however I didn't see a mention of, if you tried your video card out on another system to make sure it wasn't the cause of the problem. Here's some links on error beep codes (and there are probably better ones) as you are probably very familiar with the codes, but it may not be much help as you will notice some mentions of Award's numerous differences once you go to these links:

    I would think, even in my limited knowledge on the issue, that although 'some' have had troubles with this board, it doesn't necessarily mean 'your's is bad? Try your video card elsewhere if you haven't...I was at the stage of pulling my hair out when I first tried this board out, and I didn't like the lack-of-ease and its difficulty in setup. But I like the performance for its generation of tech.
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