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My friend has a Dell Dimension E520 That was just previously recovered but he needs the drivers for his on-board Ethernet so because of this he cant connect to the internet to get them. (What a pain) but i was wondering if there was a way i could get the drivers to install them? (BUT REMEMBER HE DOES NOT HAVE INTERNET SO I NEED THE DRIVERS DIRECTLY NOT A PROGRAM THAT USES THE INTERNET TO FIND THEM!)
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  2. Thank you that was exactly what i was looking for
  3. You're welcome
  4. Actually that website only has drivers for Intel chipsets and my friend happends to have a Nvida ??
  5. well wait it should be working! i hate this computer of his!
  6. According to Dell's site, it's an intel chipset.
  7. Ok, i finally got it working now, for some reason on the tower it says dimension e520 but the driver for the ethernet was under the e521? hmm not sure but the specs on this thing dont match either of them. Its an AMD sephran and the 520 has intel and the 521 has amd athon. not sure why this computer is different but atleast i figured it out. thanks for the help though
  8. No problem.
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  10. It's a simple fix, follow this link

    Then select network tab and install the drivers from there
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