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Should I use a Free antivirus?

Hi, my Norton Internet Security suite is going to expire in a few months,

and since what I mostly do with my PC is play online games, edit Microsoft Office Documents,

download the odd torrent and just general web browsing, I am wondering whether

I should just save some money and go with a free security suite like MSE or something like that.

What do you think? feel free to suggest something else.
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    I did the free route for a long time without any problems. My approach was two pronged. I used Avast! free for anti-virus, and Malwarbytes, anti-malware free for general anti-malware protection. Worked like a charm, and the two packages are compatible together, and perform different tasks.
  2. Yes free AV software is fine to use and many people go that route. MSE, AVG, and Avast are all recommended free AV software. Do not have two AV programs actively running on your system. They will conflict with each other and cause problems. You can however use one active one while using a second AV program for strictly scans like malwarebytes.

    Hope that helps.
  3. thanks guys, i currently use SuperAnti Spyware and mbam together with norton.
    so when norton expires, i'll keep SuperAnti Spyware and MBAM and download Avast?
    is that a good idea?
  4. Sounds like a plan to me
  5. Thanks you 3! i'll probably just use avast + what i already have.
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