Using SATA and IDE at the same time....

I just purchased a new Mobo and three SATA hard drives and am having a problem getting the computer to recognize two of them and an old IDE hard drive I have installed as well. I'm also having problems with my DVD drive as well, or at least I think I am.

My Mobo: ASUS M2N-SLI Deluxe
My New Hard Drives:
1-WD1500AHFD 10,000 RPM
2-WD2500KS 7200 RPM

I have the DVD drive and my old hard drive installed via the IDE cable with the hard drive set up as the Master and the DVD drive as the slave. Then I have the WD1500 installed on the SATA 1 port on the Mobo and the other two drives installed on the SATA 2 & 3 ports. I'm not sure what the jumpers on the new hard drives are for (OPT 1 & 2) but I have the main drive plugged into SATA 1 set as OPT 1 and the other two set as OPT 2. I'm sure this is set wrong, but I couldn't find anything to tell me how to have it set up. I am using the new hard drive hooked to SATA 1 just fine, but can't see the other three in Windows Explorer. I'm also having problems getting things to load (one DVD in particular) on my DVD drive. How can I set all this up so I can use the old hard drive and the two bigger drives as slaves and not in a RAID configuration and do I have everything else set up correctly? Thanks for the help in advance! I appreciate your expertise!
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  1. That's because that board only supports ONE IDE device, not two.

  2. Wow! Uh, thanks for the nice reply. I'll be sure to use that same level of maturity with the people I want to help here. :pfff:

    But you're wrong, as my manual says I can hook up to two devices via an IDE cable.

    "1 X IDE connector for two devices"

    How does that have anything to do with the SATA problem?
  3. Don't worry about it, some people think that makes them feel superior. Everyone should know that you can hook two drives to a single pata(IDE) cable. Back to your problem. Did you configure each SATA port in the BIOS? ports 2-6 I believe are set to none by default. Set them to auto if that is the case and your problem should be solved. Oh an I an not sure what you did with the jumpers bu Western Digitals standard installation guide says the jumper should not be moved. I believe it is across pins 1 and 2. Option 1 and Option 2 are listed as for factory use only, so who really knows what you configured. If you bought OEM instead of kit then you did not get the manual, you can download a PDF here check page 18.
  4. Also, (and I'm just assuming you're running XP since you didn't state it) you may have to go to Control Panel/Administrative Tools/Computer Management/Disk Management and partition the drives. If you turn on the SATA options in Bios and you still can't see the drives in My Computer, you'll probably see them in Disk Management.
  5. Oh I forgot part 2. After checking those things you will want to go the control panel->computer management->storage->Disk management to see what the operating system really sees. You could have problems with the OS configuring the drive letters especially if the new drives have no partitions declared. You dont have any RAID options set do you? That could make things sticky if the right drivers are not loaded since that board has two RAID controllers on it.
  6. Lately I had a-kind-of same problem, when tried to connect a HDD and DVD-RW on the same IDE port of an Asus board (unfortunately, all the latest boards have only one IDE port). At first I had installed Windows XP with no problem, but later, Windows showed that there was a corruption on Windows/system32 folder.

    Every time I was removing the Optical device (I checked it with a couple of DVD-RWs and CD-Rs), hard disk behaved just fine. Every time I has attaching an optical device, well. Windows/system32 corrupt.

    I've tried with a shorter IDE ATA!100 cable, no good. Lastly, I switched the positions of the devices on the cable, and the problem magically disappeared!

    So here's a couple of advices:

    1. Switch the devices in the cable. For example, if you attach your HDD first in the cable, and DVD second, now put the DVD first and HDD second (I'm not talking about master-slave, I'm talking about physically attaching the devices).
    2. Use smaller IDE ATA100 cable
    3. Try using an IDE to SATA converter for your hard disk or DVD, so as to have only 1 IDE device on your controller (and experiment on both free positions). This is a kind of tricky one, since I don't know if those converters support DVDs (in case you use it for the DVD), and I don't know if Windows need reinstall for using SATA controller! :/
    4. Buy an new mobo with 1 IDE ports, IDE PCI controller, new DVD-R or new HDD.. It's obvious, but it's the last solution.. ;D
  7. Hey thanks everyone!

    To you azimuth:

    Yes, you are correct. I bought the drives OEM off of Newegg and didn't receive any manuals or such so I was just "winging it" on the installation hoping I could get them up and running. Obviously, that didn't happen, hence, the reason I came here. :) Thank you for the link, btw! I see you and FSXFan were typing at the same time and came back with similar responses. You guys are great!

    To you FSXFan:

    You are also correct in assuming I'm running XP, but may upgrade to Vista some day. I'll cross that bridge when I get there, if I ever do. I did check my BIOS for settings when I installed everything, and didn't really know what I was looking at so I left everything alone until I could get a better understanding on what I was about to change and why I would change them. Thanks for the help, my friend!

    To you teodoreh:

    Yeah, my board only has one IDE port as well. Not as common as I'm used to, but then again, SATA is more popular now it seems. Do you think we will see everything move over to SATA eventually? I haven't tried changing the position of the drives on the cable, but I will do that before I go to bed tonight to try and get it solved. Quick question. On the IDE cable, does the master have to be plugged into the last position on the cable or can it be plugged anywhere? I have been told this in the past but have never tried it differently.

    Anyway, I'm sure with all this great help you guys have given me, I will get this thing figured out. I'm very grateful to have access to things like this to help me get things figured out and very grateful to you who are eager to be of help.

    I do know a few things about computers, but as you can see, not as much as I wished to get my parts up and working. :)

    Thanks again everyone. And to you gent, no hard feelings pal. I did try and read up before I came here, but sometimes I can get anxious and want the help of people who know more than I. I learn something new every time I come here. This is just my first time posting so thanks anyway.

  8. Well, I got everything working with your guys help. The drives were already being seen in the BIOS and the settings all set to AUTO, they just needed to be partitioned in "Disk Management" and then designated a drive letter. Ya learn something new everyday, hopefully. And with your guys help, I learned a lot today! Thanks again fellas!

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