Cant access most of my data

Hi! I recently added an IDE hard disk (2 partitions) to my computer, and when i turned the pc on, everything worked fine, and i could access all of my data on the hard disk. I restarted my system, and windows wanted to check the IDE hard disk (both partitions) for errors... it deleted a hell of a lot of stuff, 'corrupted' indices etc...

When windows loaded, most of the folders stored on the hard disk were inaccessible... i try to open one and i get a message: "F: /(Folder Name) is not accessible. The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable". The said folder is also reported as empty.
Both partitions now have about 10-20GB more space

So, would someone please tell me how to get my data back if possible?
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  1. So was this disk from another PC?
    What size of disk, what size was the original disk?
    What OS and what format?
  2. Yes, the disk was from another PC, running xp 32bit, possibly home edition. Its an 80GB NTFS
    The OS on the new computer is xp pro x64
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