Please help! Audio not working =(

Hi all,

I just built my new computer. But the front panel audio jacks aren't working. On the front panel it comes with 4 usb ports and 2 audio jacks, 1 line out and 1 mic.

I have a GA-P35C-DS3R board and i plugged it the cable from the case to teh audio port already. One of the pins were missing to tell me the direction of plug in. I did that but its nto working? =(( the back audio ports work though.

Please help! i dont kno what to do.
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  1. I think i've come to a more complicated problem. I'm not sure whether my chassis front panel is AC97' or HD Audio. How can I tell? My motherboard has Realtek HD Audio Sound chip but my mobo manual says that it can support AC97' Audio too as long as I switch around some wires? I searched it all, tried out all the cables but to no avail! no audio through the front panel!

    Can you tell me what each colour means and where to connect it on my mobo? Is there a chance that my front panel is broken? Its a brand new case.
  2. Did you have to remove any jumpers to hook up your FP audio? If not it's not plugged into the right place. You usually have to remove 2 jumpers and the plug matches up after that.
  3. Right, this is a long answer but it should fix you're problem.

    I'm guessing your front audio is AC97 so use you're mobo instruction manual to figure out how to plug in the front audio jack (use the AC97 diagram, not the HD audio diagram), if you don't have the manual DL from the gigabyte page. Your case should have a manual telling you how the pins in your front audio jack are arranged, make sure that both manuals agree on which pins go where, or you have a serous problem. ssValue=Motherboard&ProductID=2551&ProductName=GA-P35C-DS3R

    I think you also need to set your front sound to AC97 In your bios, again read the manual on bios settings for that.

    Right, that was the easy stuff, now for drivers, YOU MUST INSTALL THE Microsoft UAA Driver first, then the Realtech driver! If you're just installing the sound drivers with the driver CD that came with the mobo this shouldn't be a problem, if you're using the drivers from the website there's a folder with the Microsoft UAA Driver in it, gigabyte don't tell you where it is, but i'm sure you can find it if u look hard enough. Once you've got that done install the Realtech sound drivers and you're set.

    Now the bit that had me stumped for a couple hours when i installed the sound on my gigabyte mobo. Theres a setting in the Realtech sound program that says "disable front audio detection" you must disable front audio detection if you have speakers or anything plugged into the back of you're case or no matter what you do no sound will come out of the front audio. There is also the option some where to have both front and back sound working, but clicking it never made a difference to me, i assume it's a error in the program. once you've done this you should be able to set the front jack to speakers or headphones or whatever you have plugged in on you're Realtech control panel, and the rear jack should auto detect properly, otherwise just set it manually.

    Ok, this isn't the nicest explanation I've ever given, but i can probably do better once i get home from work where i can give you the folder that the Microsoft UAA Driver is in and exactly what menu to turn front jack detection off on. Plus i have all the manuals there (;

    Hope this helps
    were not psychic you know, lets see that black cable, that is a ground.
    "here is a connector where and how do I plug it in."
    their is an indicator on the plug (usually) indicating pin-1
    any ways I'm downloading the motherboard's manual, I gave up 17Kb/sec on 10.5 MB is taking to long

    GeOMan that sums it up pretty good.

    Audio Driver(s)
  5. I have a Gigabyte board, with the same audio options. In the Realtek config screen, there's an option for AC'97 audio. It is described in the Gigabyte manual, and worked for me exactly as described. Easiest audio connector I've ever used; beats individual wires with a great big stick.
  6. jtt283, you reaffirmed my thoughts {it's all in the manual}
    chikit, do you have any friends that know computers?
  7. okay. I've read the manual through and through, searched up google. Looked on intel's site about HD Audio and using AC97 FP's, going through pdf files of really technical stuff. I STILL couldn't do it, so I resulted to posting here =] I see the diagram on how AC97' should be connected. pretty much only 4 connections or 5 including the mic power.
    1-mic 2-Groung
    3-Mic Power 4-NC
    5-Line out R 6- NC
    7-NC 8-No pin
    9-Line out L

    I understand that. But the only thing thats buggering me, is that i didn't get a manual for my case. I'm pretty much in the dark in knowing which cables are which. So i'm presuming by the way its arranged in that they are what they are supposed to be.

    Geoman, you're the man for explaining such a thorough explanation! I'll try the drivers in the correct order you stated. Do you have this board? I couldn't find where to enable AC97 in the BIOS. I only would enable/disable Azalia. But when i disable it just cuts off all sound.

    Coldmast and jtt283, thanks for your help too. But i'm not exactly computer dumb. I just don't have a manual with my case. I'm resulting to trying to compare my dongle with others and color match =(

    Do you think you guys can help me figure out which wire is which? thats kinda why i posted the picture. i'm holding up the plug in the order i stated just now from 1-10.

    And my mobo didn't come with jumpers. By looking at the picture, do you think I need to take out some wires from the plug?
  8. Quote:
    But i'm not exactly computer dumb.

    yes you are, always check the manufactures site for manuals, drivers, bios updates, known issues

    see where it says 2-Ground, thats the BLACK CABLE
    what is your case?

    these grouped connectors really do make life so much easier, if you still cannot figure it out, just plug into the rear
  9. yes you are? what does that mean. my chassis has no proper website or support. known issues? with what the mobo? been there done that. I kinda not google stupid either. this is last resort, and usually the best support anyway.

    i know 2 is the grnd cable. its fatter than normal. If the plug is already arranged in AC97 correctly why isnt it working?
  10. Quote:
    In the Realtek config screen, there's an option for AC'97 audio.

    you have to finish it up with the software, the DRIVERS

    I know you internet savvy, it's just funny thats all, trust me everyone feels a little dumb at some point and time
    anyways: being made fun of is the payment for free tech support

    why don't you take a picture of the plug next to the socket?

    Front Panel I/O Connectivity Design Guide
  11. On the Realtek screen where you configure the various jacks, there's a radio button for configuring Analog sound. Click that one. Look in Appendix 5 of your manual; that's where it is in mine. Basically, you set it to disable front jack detection.
  12. That mobo audio plug should be standard. It has that plugged hole so it only goes in one way.
    I didn't need to follow any special steps with the drivers; the Gigabyte install procedure did it all automatically. Note that this setting is not in the BIOS. You get to it by clicking the little red speaker icon in the System Tray. Above the diagram of the jacks is an Analog configuration button. That's the one. It is on p.86 of my manual.
  13. um.. coldmast? you're a douchebag. you obviously have no idea what you're talking about or just have so much time on your hands to post really useless comments.

    I finally found out the problem. Its to do with the realtek software that comes with Gigabyte mobos. Thanks jtt and Geoman! I was thinking where I was going wrong, I had latest drivers, plugged in mobo correctly. Still couldnt find a reason, so I thought maybe pins are wrong.. somebody at the chassis factory screwed up. I didnt even get a manual. There i was stuck. Gigabyte audio program has an option "disable front jack detection" which isn't right because I thought I needed to keep it enabled.

    coldmast you should feel dumb for giving utter crap advice. download AC97 software for a HD audio ALC88111B? what a retard. but hey its okay to be a retard at some point and time.. it comes with being a jackass.
  14. Quote:
    no idea what you're talking about or just have so much time on your hands to post really useless comments

    thanks, now that's a response, a lot of my post are really useless, but so is your picture.

    but you've changed my whole outlook on life, I will take your masterful double sandwiched insult, with pride.

    Can you tell me what each colour means and where to connect it on my mobo? the rest was in the form factors guide
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