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I have Firefox 3.5.5. It's now old enough that certain websites no longer support it :/ I know i can upgrade but the new version seems to crash all the time and isn't as user friendly as the old one.
Is there a way i can make my old browser work with all sites again?
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  1. Like you I was reluctant to upgrade to versions after 3 because Mozilla have seemingly lost the plot completely.

    However you'll be pleased to know that you can largely make version 9 look like 3. I.e. show the menu bar, don't display tabs at the top include the bookmarks menu.

    As for crashing all the time well I've not found that and if you've not upgraded then you've not found that either. I guess you've just read something negative about 9.

    So embrace the newer version. After all, we don't want to sob in the corner like IE6 users right?

    Alternatively just install another browser - you can run them in parallel. Use Chrome or whatever for the websites that demand a certain version of Firefox then keep version 3 for your regular surfing.
  2. Thanks for the reply, I hadn't read something bad about 9 i experienced the problem with my old pc. I just put 9 on the the computer im using now and it no longer crashes :D. However it has started a new problem where it won't go to a url if i pres enter, instead i have to click to get it to go to a url. I hope they bring out 10 soon. For now i will try a different browser.
  3. 10 is already out :)
  4. Yeah i just found out and upgraded :) . I also ended up finding out what the problem was. It was one of my AVG add ons causing it so i a disabled it and it works!
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