S3023w won't load windows vista.

i have tried several times to reload windows vista using restore disks supplied by hp. it starts up okay but during the format process it freezes. i've replaced the processor and ram. still nothing.
any ideas what i might try next?
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  1. If it freezes during the format, chances are your hard drive is faulty.
    You can download diagnostic tools from the maker of the drive to check it.
  2. Thanks for teh reply, Jonmor. I have a new hard drive in it right now. I can load XP Pro with no problems. When I try to load Vista, it freezes on the "Formatting Hard Drive" screen,. I have not installed any hardware and have unplugged everything from it.
  3. I'm still having no luck with this problem. I'm so stumped. I am using the machine right now (loaded XP Pro w/o problems). I have tried replacing the processor and ram from a different machine, though it wasn't needed. I ran complete diagnostics on all hardware. There's bound to be something easy I'm missing.
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