Raid help. SATA1 vs SATA_RAID1 vs EZ_RAID. Jmicron vs Intel. On Asus.

ps: I have a test tomorrow and really need to get my pc up and running asap. So thx for looking.

Hey, I never did understand how RAID technology works that well (Like jmicron vs intel etc)

But I have two Seagate 320GB Hard Drives currently connected to the Asus EZ_RAID1 and EZ_RAID2 , and I just bought a WesternDigital 400GB hard drive.

I have them setup to add the space together.

I'm trying to hook up the 400gb hard drive, but it takes over my current hard drives when i plug it in, and can't boot vista. I need to hook it up to transfer all of my backup files from my 320's as I'm going to re-format.

I have an Asus P5W DH Deluxe Motherboard, but there's so many different SATA connections, I don't know what to use to get the best results?

Theres a Intel SATA1, SATA3, SATA4
Then a Jmicron SATA_RAID1
Then the Asus EX_RAID1&2 (Which I have my two 320gb's on right now).

I want the fastest possible connection, but still have a lot of hard disk space. I was thinking (combine the 320gb hard drives as a raid1 and make it faster?) Does that make sense?

Can anyone advise me of where/how to hook everything up? I don't know which SATA's to use, or what they're for.

Here's some specs on my hard drives:
Comparison Table with my two hard drives (Access Times) (MB/s)
Newegg link for ST3320620AS 320GB hard drive
Newegg link for WD4000KD 400GB hard drive

And here's a pic of my mobo layout, as well as a manual:
Asus P5W DH Deluxe Mobo Manual
Pic of SATA's and info on SATA for mobo


After reading, I take it jmicron isn't all that better than Intel... so does anyone know why they include it? Any benefits?

So I'm gong to use the Intel ones. But... how do I hook it up to get the best performance? Will combining my 320's (not adding more space, i think that's RAID1?), really provide that much difference of a performance?
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  1. Update: Looks like I'll be doing a raid0

    Do you think it'd be better to raid0 the two 320gb drives, and have the 400gb separate? Or should I raid0 all of them together?

    And do you think I should setup raid0 on the EZ_RAID, or the Intel ones?
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