Fans and fan controllers: What?

I'm ordering a triple radiator today and plan on buying 3 yate loon fans to attach to the back of it. If the fan controller takes a 3 pin connection from the fan (they have these btw), but the cables don't reach, what do I do? My case is a p180b antec.

Anyone who has OC'd with a rear radiator and front fan controller would know how to fix my problem, hint hint.
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  1. I bought a few 3 pin splitters that I needed anyway. I only use one of the splitters as a splitter and use the rest as simple extensions. I can't remember whether they sell just extensions.
  2. Thanks. I think i'm just getting a PCI card that manages the fan speeds via software. This'll get me around the cable issue.
  3. Can I have a newegg link please when you decide on a card? I didn't even know things like that existed, and I have 2 PCI slots just sitting there :lol:
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