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Computer will not boot passed Login screen

Last response: in Systems
July 30, 2007 2:13:46 PM

Hi, I just inherited a P4 3GHz PC with 512Mb RAM, WinXP Pro, onboard video, audio, and ethernet. I'm not sure of the motherboard brand and chipset because I just haven't looked yet. Here's the problem. The computer will get passed the post and the windows splash screen, but will stop as windows attempts to load at the blue "Welcome" screen. I say that it stops because it doesn't die, shut off, or reboot. The monitor goes black saying there is no signal, but the computer remains powered up. Even though the computer remains powered on, it isn't processing anything or "alive". Normally I would just hold the power button in until the pc shut off, however that doesn't work when the computer is in this suspended state.

So basically I'm not entirely sure if the problem is the motherboard, cpu, power supply, or RAM. Common sense says the power supply, but with the way the computer remains powered up I'm not sure. Is it possible for the power supply to spit out enough power for the fans and lights to remain powered, but not anything else? and if so then why does this only happen when I get into windows? Could it be the onboard video card? but then again why does it only happen when I get into windows? Any help is appreciated. For all I know it could be software related and I just need to format and reinstall. Thanks.
July 30, 2007 3:50:10 PM

My 1st instinct of your freeby computer is a corrupt OS. 1st remove any unneccary hardware. Then try one stick ram in different slots. Measure the rail voltages. Try to get to a desktop. try a repair of the OS. Try a fullformat and reinstall fo the OS. IF it wont take then you have hardware issues. If you need info thats on the HD then install a different HD and then retrieve the data from that harddrive as a secondary. Get acronis boot cd and partition the HD, do an OS install to the new partition.

But basically you need to see if you can some how get to a desktop.
July 30, 2007 4:55:04 PM

and your wondering why it was free?

reinstall windows, then post your results