I have 1 Dimm Value Select DDR2 667mhz 2GB ram with my P5NSLI motherboard.
Windows XP SP2
Intel Dual Core 2.40 GHz 775 chipset
NVIDIA GeForce 7900 GSE

I am wondering what memory timings I should set it to.

FSB 1066.7
Mem 666.7

I have read around and seen the following timings..

3 3 9 11
4 4 12 15
3 4 3 9 2T (also what is the 2t part?)
4 4 4 15 2t
4 3 3 10
3 4 3 10
5 5 15 18
3 4 3 9

also what voltage?
I have seen mostly 2.1v warning do not do unless you are sure your card supports the increase.

--------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------- -------------------------
I changed the timings to 4 4 4 12 it booted fine but still crashes under stress.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------
Tried settings 5 5 5 15 as the Corsair site recommends, however game still crashes.. I think the memory shot, as reported in the Microsoft Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool. This may have been caused by setting the voltage to 2.1v.
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  1. Update: First RAM pass

    I am running Microsoft Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool and found the following error.
    TEST: MATS (cache disabled) Test # 7 of 11

    TRAP 00000006
    CS:ep = 0008:E81AF006
    SS: esp = 0010:004AFDDC
    err code = 0000
    FRAGS = 00010046
    No Cy Zr Int Dis Down TRAP DIS

    I'm am not really sure what this means other than it's bad. Could someone give me a better description of what I am dealing with here. What my options are. If I were to buy new ram for my system what would you suggest? Thanks!
  2. Update: Second RAM Pass
    Ran second pass using windows memory diagnostic tool and found an error on Test 11 of 11
    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- - ---------------------------------
    Update: Planned Action
    Going to play around with the timings of the memory to see if I can get it to work correctly. If you have any suggestions on what timings I should use let me know. Thank
  3. tforward said:
    If I were to buy new ram for my system what would you suggest? Thanks!

    http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?item=N82E1682014 6565

    Set it to the manufacturers spec for timing and voltage ( 2.178v is as close as you'll get ).
  4. Bought New RAM = WORKS
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