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I have a Net Gear WNR2000 Wireless N Router and I needed to know if any adapters other than Net Gear adapter will work with this and also Do I install the software on the provided disc onto the computer that will be receiving the wireless signal, the computer that is wired to it, or both? Also the adapter needs to work with XP.

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  1. Other wireless adapters will work. It's trial and error as to which ones. Install the router software and updates to the computer hosting the router. Install the wireless adapter software to the system(s) hosting the wireless adapter.
  2. Generally, the software provided with routers consists of a easy-setup wizard but in fact the router requires no software, the settings can be done within the user interface which you simply access via Internet Explorer and the IP address.

    Most wireless adapters will work, but because Wireless N is a new standard, to be sure of getting the maximum speed, I would stick with the same brand as the router.
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