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I popped in a new hard drive today, but I didn't know how to format it. I'm just using it as another drive to store stuff on, not the OS. So I have a look around, and the MS site tells me to boot from the XP CD and format it that way. Well it formats the drive, but then goes and tries to install Windows on it. I was like, what the hell, man?

So after it installed the files, and was into that series of setup pages and it wanted the serial, I restarted, and it gives me that dual-boot screen, both options saying XP. So I selected the proper one and got into Windows, then ran the Command Prompt and got it to format E:

So after it finishes, I'm thinking alright, sweet, man. I reboot, and the bloody thing goes to the dual-boot screen! I was like what the heck, man, again. And selecting the new drive, the computer then tells me that some dll is missing, and I need to install it.

Why is this happening? There shouldn't be anything, no Windows crap on the drive I just formatted. How do I get rid of it?


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  1. Its just a boot entry on your old hdd pointing to the new. Under system control/system you find an advanced tab with a boot options button (or something called similar). Thats where you need to look.
  2. Thanks for the reply man. I had a look in the startup options you mentioned, and had a tinker with it, so now it won't show the boot option screen.

    Still, how can I get rid of the other boot option altogether, rather than just hiding it?
  3. if you open the boot.ini that slobogob directed you to, you can manually edit it as a text document, to highlight and remove text of the entry you no longer want. there should be an entry for each os there, and if you remove the one you dont want, that boot menu will no longer come up, as there will only be one os listed. make sure to remove the correct one, as you may render your os unbootable otherwise.
  4. Sweet, it worked fine. Was a bit nervous deleting one of the entries and restarting, but I picked the right one to keep. Thanks again guys.
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