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Hi, I´ve got a Trojan somewhere in my system. I have an Acer Aspire with Window´s Vista, and the other day it showed up and shut everything down. I have been able to get as far as Safe Mode with Command Prompt, only problem is I don´t know where to go from here. I am pretty sure it´s embedded in my internet (Firefox) file because I had thought I erased it yesterday when I took it out of the program files and went to find file location and deleted them. Then when I tried to see if I could access the internet it began again. So I´m sitting here looking at C:/Windows/system and feeling like I should remember this from when I was a kid but it´s gone, no idea what command to put in. I think if I could get to Control Panel I could delete it again and possibly my firefox as well and then reload it from the shadow copy on my external hard drive. Any thoughts??
Thanks in advance!!
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  1. Ok, I looked at someone else´s post and found the command prompt that lead me to a way to get to control panel but the file wasn´t there as a program so now I´m not too sure what I can do from control panel or anywhere else to get rid of it. I did delete my firefox file but it´s still there when I restarted, a big thing occupying the screen making it impossible to see anything else. Any thoughts? I´m getting desperate, thinking about shelling out my savings to try and get out of this business. PLEASE HELP!
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