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Could you please suggest me which will be the best brand of laptop to purchase and what all qualities are neccessarily present in the laptop???
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  1. Dell Vostro
  2. ^+1 Grumpy.

    Vostro is the best you can get & also the Best VFM. :)
  3. IBM Interntional Business Machines, haha
  4. The only laptop I've ever had was the IBM Thinkpad T40. Great laptop at the time when the Pentium M was introduced by Intel. Good thing the Isreali team developed it 'cause it was the basis for the Core Duo series.

    It cost me an arm and a leg ($2,000+), but it was great rugged little thing (5 lbs). Still works today, but battery is dead. :(
  5. Oh yeah, IBM sold off it's PC business (including the Thinkpads) to Lenovo back in 2004/2005. So IBM no longer sell products for the average consumer.
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