Setting up RAID 0 with Partitioning

Hi I want to setup RAID 0. I have a 160 and 300 GB SATA I and SATA II Seagate Baracuda drives. If I set it up straight I will loose the 140gb on the 300gb drive...Can I partition the 300 GB into 160/140 and then setup raid with my original 160/partition 160 and keep the remaining 140 for storage purposes. If so which program would I need to achieve this and is there anything I need to do special other than just partition them and then choose the array I want in the partition. Thanks.
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  1. How similar do the two HD's have to be for example its true that my 160gb is SATA I (7200.09 ) and the 300gb in SATA II (7200.10) but my mobo only supports SATA I so they are both running in SATA I mode.

    Second difference other than the size is the 160gb has a 8mb buffer and the 300gb has a 16mb buffer. Will that cause a big problem in compatability?

    I have a P4M80-M4 motherboard.
    I am planning to use the onboard SATA RAID controller.

    I don't mind getting another harddrive if compatability if a big issue with unidentical HD's. However, I don't mind loosing the extra 140gb to setup raid with the 160gb. I don't need or want a large sized array because most of my files are movies/music/pictures that can go on my non-raid storage HD. An ideal setup would be an cheap array of 160gb and 300gb storage hd. This way if my raid fails its only system files that I loose. My main storage data will be safe.

    Please let me know if you think the setup I explanied above will work and I can add a third storage if its too risky setting up RAID with the two HDs that I described. Thanks.
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