Sempron 3000+, Sempron 3200+ or Celeron 420

I know, I know why pick this 3, because I have to buy 12 of them, so it is a budget/performance choice, ultra low budget.

Sempron 3000+ 43.31 USD
Sempron 3200+ 45.14 USD
Celeron 420 60.00 USD

Thank you :)
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  1. the celeron would be better than either of the semprons, but none of those are going to be great for gaming, no matter how you look at it (at least not without some serious overclocking)

    also where were you looking for those prices, on they are much cheaper than you have listed.
  2. Is likely for a workplace so im sure he wont be looking for gaming quality.

    Although, on you can get a cheap dual core for that price.

    It would outperform those prossessors you have listed quite easily, and comes in at $65.

    Its a better choice, if you're open to it :)
  3. well, on the poll he did put "Which should be better for light and not so light gaming"

  4. Ahhh go look at the CPU charts the semprons are better than the celeron any day of the week. I say go for the dual core AM2 for $65.00.
  5. Im assuming that the celeron 420 would be better because it is a Conroe core and NOT an old netburst POS.

    Although yes, if you have the funds, go for a cheap dual core, it would beat out any of these processors you have listed here, and be more worth the money spent on it.
  6. Why do they still even sell celerons and semprons, pentiums and athlon x2 are gonna be the best value for anything in the near future
  7. I vote E2140 for $75 :)
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