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Hi, I need to upgrade my video card for gaming. My new computer does not have room for 8800 card, and I also don't want to spend that much anyway. I saw a ECS 8600 GTS OC at NewEgg, out of stock now is this better than the EVGA 8600 GTS? The ECS has a faster core clock speed but I was wondering if I can oc the EVGA myself or if the differences will be greater enough to take a chance on a company that I don't know much about. Thanks
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  1. If you can fit an x1950pro or an x1950xt in your case I'd go for one of those over the 8600GTS (unless your PSU can't handle the ATI cards).
  2. No, the ECS card is exactly the same as the eVGA one. It just has a slightly faster core, which you could easily do yourself. eVGA has one of the best warranties out there and you also have the step-up program, but it sounds like you won't be able to take advantage of it.

    Like San Pedro said, the X1950s would be good choices too.
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