Antec P182 or 900??

I narrowed my search for a case to two possiblities. I like my computer quite and cool simple as that. Im open to other options.

should fit a very long card: 8800GTS or HD2900 either one but it still going to be long.

and my psu is pc p&c 750w sliencer quad- would like to know if the psu would fit and cables would reach for either case or any troubles i might find installing it.

Price: keep it below 200

other than that, opinions anyone?
oh yeah the p182 is the gunmetal version not the shiny mirror one.

going by new egg prices
Antec P182 Gun Metal Black 0.8mm cold rolled steel ATX Mid Tower Computer Case - Retail -$169.99
Antec Nine Hundred Black Steel ATX Mid Tower Computer Case - Retail - $139.99
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  1. They are both excellent cases, I'd say go for the Antec 900 since it is cheaper. I've never owned a 900, but my brother has a P180B, which is very similar to the P182, and his HD 2900XT is kind of a tight fit. And, the 900 ships with more fans and has a cool side window.
  2. the $30 isnt so much of a problem and i read the p182 is a really quite case so more thoughts??
  3. more suggestions?
  4. I absolutely love my p180b and plan to use it for a long time. True, my hd2900xt is a bit of a squeeze, but it fits and stays cool and quiet. Running that and 6 hdds with a OC'd opteron 165 to boot and have had no heat problems whatsoever. And as long as you aren't installing more than 4 hdds you can always pull the top hd cage out and voila, plenty of room for that giant vid card.
  5. nice then p182 it is =D
  6. The 8800GTS is not a long card. The 8800GTX is 1.5" longer and may cause a fit problem. The 8800GTS fits easily in my Antec SOLO case which is about as quiet as it gets. Go to for reviews and discussion on quiet computing. The P182 will be quieter than the 900.
  7. Quiet and cool are opposing forces. I've read that the 900 is hard to keep quiet because it's such an open design. OTOH, it's easy to keep cool because of the excellent airflow.

    What CPU are you going to use and how far are you going to overclock it? How many hard drives?
  8. Buy the P182 if you want the gunmetal color, P180 or P180B if you want black or silver. All newer P180's and P180B's feature the same internals as P182's now. I haven't switched hardware into mine yet but I do know that it should be quiet.

    I don't think you'll be sorry with the P182.
  9. im getting a q6600 and and maybe overclock to 3.0gz
    2 hardrives
  10. I plan to have the same CPU and HD setup as you. I went with the 900 but have been thinking about the 182 for a while now because I feel it has better noise suppression.

    OTOH, I think a Q6600 OC'ed and on air is going to need some good airflow to stay cool.

    Are you going to install a fan controller?

    I replaced all my fans and installed a fan controller to get the noise down to below the noise of the CPU fan.

    Bottom line from me is that either is a fine choice. If you're only going to try for 3.0 ghz I think you'll be fine with the 182 and i suspect you'll have an easier time keeping things quiet with that case.

    BTW, one last thing is that I'm having a bit of a hard time keeping my HD seek noise down with the 900. I may have to go exclusively with Samsung drives because of the mounting of the HDs in the drive cage of the 900.
  11. Don't just feel that the P18x series have better noise suppression... know that they do.

    A P182 will give plenty of airflow for a quad unless you're cooler is absolute crap for O/Cing... but then again OCing on a crappy cooler would be stupid anyway.
  12. Another vote for the P182. I have the PCP&C 750quad in my 180B and it fits fine. With the cables routed and extras ziptie'd you can leave the lower chamber fan in place. I have 6 HD's inside so I create a good amount of heat and I have the stock antec fans set on med. with the lower one on low as the PSU fan helps with lower cooling. As stated already, if you are going to OC get a good cooler. I'm on stock HSF cooling still but it was a future plan to replace it with something like the Tuniq anyways. But even on stock I can get a mild OC just fine with a E6600 if I want to.
  13. would this fan work for the top hd bay

    and would this heat sink fit?

    also whats the difference between the p180 and p182 besides the color?
    both have problems with the hinges breaking of if u push too hard

    and how far can i swing the side panel?
    i know the front panel is 270
  14. Any standard 120mm x 25mm fan will work. If you want quiet, get a fan with 1200rpm or less. The one you showed is 2000rpm.

    The P182 has room behind the motherboard to route cables. It is an updated version of the P180. It also has improved hinges and other enhancements. The side panel does not swing, it lifts off after removing some thumb screws in the back.

    The case is wide enough that I don't think there is any cooler that is too tall.
  15. Yes any standard 120mm x 25mm fan will work, if you're going for low noise then get a Noctua or a Scythe S-Flex. I know some have replaced all the Antec tri-cool ones with Noctua for very good cooling to noise ratio.
    I bought my P180b back in Feb 07 and I did find on the box version 1.1 as my 180 has the behind the MB tray cable routes and the water cooling ports in the back. But I like the color on the P182. I think I saw an email from Newegg today with a deal on the 182.
  16. geofelt said:
    The P182 has room behind the motherboard to route cables. It is an updated version of the P180. It also has improved hinges and other enhancements. The side panel does not swing, it lifts off after removing some thumb screws in the back.

    The P180B that I just bought 2 weeks ago has the room behind the motherboards to route cables too. As was stated earlier, I believe the P180 have been updated to be very similair to (if not identical) to the P182. I have the exterior fan controls for the 2 top fans as well. I went to the Antec web site and looked at the feature set for both and they were identical. Can't speak to the "improved hinges" though.
  17. i have a 900, and its such a awesome case! I google/products it and get it to my door 115. which is totally freakin worth it!! front HD audio ports! everything is ALWAYS cool, cpu usually runs at 37C, mobo at 34...

    you can put as big of a gfx card as you want in this case! the front harddrives are in sliding cages, so you can push one forward if you need more space. My power supply's fan hardly has to run because theres just no heat trapped in my all....
  18. I just purchase the P 182 case. Can the 8800GTX card fit it there?

  19. Nine Hundred is an awesome overclocking case. I love mine. The Airflow is incomparable. You can always put your case fans in LO speed (you have 3 speeds to select). At that speed is very, very silent. I use everything on HI, because I prefer the best temps I can get, and it's not so noisy anyway.
  20. I agree with plguzman, i have a P900 and with all the fans set to low its very quiet, even medium isn't too bad. All depends how far you sit from your pc i guess. the two fans at the front are great, you can put the drives in the bottom bay being cooled by one fan and then middle fan blows directly over my 8800GTX keeping it nice and cool.

    I really think the big 200cm fan on top helps a lot to remove any excess heat rising up. I have a Cosair 620HW PSU and in my old case the fan was always constantly on high just trying to keep the bloody thing cool, now in this case the fan is silent and all you can feel is cool air coming from it.

    Its a great great case !
  21. I'm trying to decide between the P180B and P900, as well.

    How big of an issue is dust with the P900? I don't think my system "needs" the extra cooling of the P900 but I love the look and top mounted inputs. I'd deal with a little extra noise but I don't want to be cleaning out the case every month. How often do you P900 owners find you have to clean it?

    inquisitor - do you have any problems at all with your PSU in the P900? I have the 520HW and want to make sure I don't run into any trouble with cable length or size
  22. Bison - Sure dust is a problem but it's the same with every case. It would've been nice if the designers thought about us folk having to clean the fans. In order to clean the front 2 fans, the 2 bays have to come out, 1 bay for each fan. This is becuase the fan is wired through the bays, and for me anyway could not pull the fan power cable through the bay so had to unplug all my drives and the fan i was cleaning to pull the whole bay out and then clean it. bit annoying
    I tend to do a small clean every month or so but that just involves running a brush over the front/side grills to clear the dust and then maybe a full clean every 6 months for internal fans, cpu/gfx fan, etc. So for me it's what i have always done anyway with other cases.

    As for the PSU you will not have a problem with cable length. I've got 3 HDDs, 2 DVD/RW and all 5 fans require a molex connector. All these i have managed to plug in to my 620hw no problem, all cables have reached with length to spare.
    1 thing i think is a little odd but doesnt seem to make any difference is that the bottom PCI slot is very close to the PSU. Now i use this slot for my sound card and that completely covers the PSU internal fan. As i said dont see it making any difference as the PSU runs VERY cool anyway but just found it strange to be so close to it. I have an Asus A8n32-SLI with an Audigy 2 ZS Platinum Pro card but im sure its the same with every mobo and sound card.

    Overall i think sound dampening is good as the case is solidly built so no strange rattles or vibrations which i think always makes things sound a bit cheap and nasty.
  23. I too have been debating between the Antec P182 and the Antec 900.

    I think I am going to go with the P182. I do not forsee having to go to war with the front of the P182 against dust as much as the Antec 900. Right now my case is on a rug in the living room, and it collects quite a bit of dust. Fortunately I made custom filters using my wifes pantyhose =P

    Anyway, I'm going to be using a complete water cooling setup, so I'm not worried about things being "tight" in the P182. It seems like there is a ton of room. Plus with the extra space in the bottom it will be a nice little spot for the pump, with a fan right there to keep it cool.

    I'd be sold on the Antec 900 if it came with some filters for the front, but I just can't deal with having an exposed front that collects a lot of dust. Perhaps I just need to get this thing raised up off the floor at some point.
  24. i just bought the antec 900, with q6600, tuniq tower, evga 680i, PCPWR&COOL|SILENCER 750 QUAD , and geforce 8800GTX, its a lovely case, but since the powersupply is placed at the bottom, and the cpu powercord(from the powersupply, has to reach all the way to the top. I installed the tuniq on the mobo outside of the of the case as usual, but i didnt know that the cpu cord would be hard to squeeze in..just be prepared that it will be a tight fit depending on how big the heatsink and the length of the power supply cords. It really is a nice case
  25. i built a really nice thing to my P180B and now it even cools better than a 900. my frind has a 900 so i know what i'm talking about.
  26. I wish the P182 had the option of coming with a class, subtle window for the side. I've seen some that were modded with a window, but I heard it is kind of a pain because of the triple layering for thermal and sound dampening.
  27. Fry's has the Nine Hundred on sale for $89.99 until Wednesday and although there is no Fry's near me, a local Microcenter price matched it without any hassle. That $40 savings was all I needed to get off the fence and buy the Nine Hundred
  28. P182 will fit a 8800GTX although the top HDD mounting cage has to be free, or even removed... but it fits...
  29. The dust in the Nine Hundred is no problem. Maybe you won't believe me, but it doesn't stay as much as in other cases. The airflow is so intense (at least in mine, all fans in HI) that the dust enters and exits. It's the cleaner case I ever had. Of course, you need to clean it from time to time, but not as much as other cases.
  30. I figured it was clean untill I took out my drive cage for some modding..... dust city....but still less dust then most other cases when you factor all the openings and air flow...

    If it was not for that huge front door on the 180/182 I would have got one...but i like my 900....Quiet on low(the 180 is quieter with its noise dampening design)....but not silent....very quiet if your system does not have 6 hard drives like me... :)
  31. Another vote for 900. It's the coolest case I ever bought. Dust? Try to put Dust Filter on every intake fan. I prefer the cooler case since the performance drop because of heat is very annoying. Remember, in all hardware, heat is your enemy.
  32. I Have a P182 and it is the best case I have ever owned. You have the option of installing 2 additional fans in the case. Even with : AMD 64X2 6000+, 2gbs OCZ 1066 DDR2, 4 hdds(3sata;1raptor X 10000), Asus 8800 ULTRA ( fits without the top hdd drive cage ),Kama Meter, Zalman 9700 and Seasonic 700w it is pretty damned quiet with all fans on Med. The case keeps everything remarkably cool too. Best I have seen (Air) so far.
    I do recommend that you get a modular PSU like the Seasonic I got cause the cabling out from the bottom psu/hdd section of the P182 get tight and hectic if your case Is as full fo mine.
    Large interior , looks great and is incredibly dampened. My 2 mates with 900s has been jealous from day one. At least they are admitting its a better case now instead of just sulking about a slightly inferior purchase decision :)
    P182 ALL THE WAY
  33. omg a P182 fanboy. Sure bro, the P182 is a great case, but the point here is: the 900 cools better and is noisier. The 182 cools also good (not as good as the 900) but it's more silent.

    So, the thing is, are you going to high overclocks? the noise of the fans @ high speed bothers you?. Based on that answers, then you know which case to buy. But to admit that is a "better case" is just ridiculous because is not. They are both very good.
  34. I have a Nine-Hundred and love it. When I was running up the clock on my Opty 170 I had the fans up high and it was super noisy, but when I found my stable clock I started lowering the fan speeds while watching the temps and found that my temps didn't move with all my fans (even my tuniq tower) on low. Now my case is super silent. Dust doesn't seem to be a problem. Don't know if it is because the fans are so low they aren't sucking it in, or because I have a good filter in my house running all the time to keep dust down anyway (because of allergies and pets).

    Cable management is an issue in the really needs some holes modded to allow you to run cables behind. I grabbed it for 80 bucks at Compusa.
  35. With a hack saw blade and a hole saw you can make it fairly good :)

    Yeah....and some files to smooth the edges...
  36. confusiont said:
    That HS will fit just fine, and IMO one of the best you can buy. Use the Scythe S-FLEX SFF21F 120mm Fan with it. Mount the fan before you install it in the case, it makes life much easier.

    The 8800GTS/GTX also fits no problem.
  37. it sure does(the 8800GTX) But there has to be no hard drive in the way....
  38. im also deciding on the 900 or 182, although im more towords the 182 at the mo as i dont need mega cooling

    1 concern of the 182 is the HDD and PSU is in a completely isolated chamber ?? with the psu being at the back and the HDDs at the front with a fan ?? wont the PSU obstruct the air flow if you use the 120mm fan ?? i cant see the air flowing nicely ??? surely the air will only exit at the speed of your PSU fan ??
  39. Not quite...The psu air should be fast enough to cool the drives....there is not a full system there...just drives....there are also holes around the if the fan pushes too much harder then the psu can pull some will go out that way too.....

    My only fear with that system is air flowing back into those holes and back to the psu...this would bypass the drives causing more if you dont have a fan in there....maybe blocking those holes is an idea to ensure the psu draws air over the drives....
  40. the only ptoblem i have with the P182 is it was a really tight fit with the PC power and cooling 750, and the fans it comes with are too loud even on low. very nice looking though.
  41. funnyman06 said:
    the only ptoblem i have with the P182 is it was a really tight fit with the PC power and cooling 750, and the fans it comes with are too loud even on low. very nice looking though.

    I didn't read all the posts on the first page, but I was going to comment on this. I have the P182 and PC P&C 750 Silencer. First and foremost, it was HORRIBLE to install while leaving the 120mm fan behind the power supply. It seriously took me 45 minutes between getting the power supply in with the bracket around it and squeezing the cables in. The problem is that it's an extended power supply and there isn't any room for the cables coming out of the back of it. Somehow I made it work. The cables are pressing on one of the fan grills, but I managed to get it all installed while keeping the 120mm fan (and yes, it still spins). for pics.
  42. I too have been going back and forth betwen the 182 and the 900 the last couple of days. I keep swapping them in and out of my newegg wishlist. :)

    The dust was a big concern on the one side... but I really want to OC my Q6600... and seeing plguzman's sig with the 3.6 makes me think I want to go for the best Air Cooling I can get. Looks aren't too terribly important to me, but I like the gun-metal an aweful lot.

    Also, I haven't done a build in a long time, so I was thinking the case without the window might be a better option so I don't have to stress about it being pretty. (I know, clean cases make for better airflow).

    Anyway... there are lots are opinions here back and forth... just wondering if anyone else might want to chime in and help me decide.
  43. The Antec 900 is an awesome case.....I love mine.

    Dust isnt a problem.....once in a while I wipe my hand across the front grill to get the dust off, but nothing internally.

    Also cooling is amazing, noise is okay. On high it can get annoying while doing nothing, but I usually have music/tv/game running which easily overpowers the noise.
  44. I don't like doors that cover fans so I bought the Antec 900, lots of fans and at low setting it's quiet and has great air flow.
    I have the PCPower Quad 750 silencer and it's cables reach the motherboard connections just fine, my 8800GT fits in just fine, but if I had the GTX the cables would be snug against the hard drive.
    The 900 is a great case and it gets put on sale at various vender's for under $100 often.
    The Antec 1200 is coming out soon and I think the 900 will be discontinued.
  45. The P182/180 series is a thousand times better than the 900 in quality of construction alone. The 900 is a basic case with a fancy skin, there is no ease of use innovations in it. You have to remove 8 screws to move a HDD bay, the p182 has a single thumbscrew. The 900 has no cable management holes, and given the cramped inside you will find it very difficult to rout your cabling in anything that even resembles neat and tidy. Meanwhile the P182/180 series offers full CM holes with room behind the case to allow you to actually close the other side door. There just is no comparison between the quality of the two cases, the P182 is in a league of its own. Having built computers in each, and personally owning the 900, i can fully attest to the workmanship of each, and in the 900 it is nonexistent.

    The worst part is that Antec hasnt modified the 900 to accept CM holes and increased the gap of the back panel enough to actually fit cables back there. I cut my own holes and I tell you that even pressing the cables as flat as i can the panel still bulges, and due tot he cramped nature inside the case I had a Heck of a time connecting all the wires and doo-dads.

    I pine for a P182 now, the 900 is a fun cool looking case until you see the sheer quality of the P182/180. Its like the difference between mustang and an BMW m5, one might look cooler than the other and compare in performance, but the M5 is so much higher quality that once you try one out you know the mustang just isnt enough.
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