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Need tips on GF6600GT overclock

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August 25, 2007 6:57:00 PM

Hi guys

Right, got a Leadtek PX6600GT-Extreme (NV43, Rev A2).
Stock speeds are 556MHZ/1125(or 1133 - cant remember :kaola:  )
Clocked currently at 592/1190.
Cooling - on my water kit, Vantec Stingray, only got the CPU and GFX in the loop.

Now, it seems that I have hit a bit of a wall on the GFX core speed, as soon as I up it to 595, I start to get green artifacts - at this stage I am using TDU for testing, it is the newest game i have that will tax the gfx properly.
As for the memory, I have upped that from 1175 to 1190 over the run of the weekend so far... I think I can get a bit more out of the memory though... hoping to hit like 1225 if it will be game :ouch: 

I am thinking of using something like nibitor to up the core voltage a bit, but I'm a bit scared of using it, don't wanna trash my gfx, how safe is it using it, and what tips do you guys have for me?
Otherwise, I was thinking of doing the pencil trick, but I dunno ho well that works either... Any tips there?

Then a last question, I have just downloaded atitool, as far as I know, one can use that to "scan for artifacts" to see if the overclock is stable, true?
Also, if I do get artifacts, does that really mean that i have hit the roof so to say?

Thanks guys!

This weekend is dedicated to overclocking... :pt1cable: 

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September 22, 2007 3:06:39 AM

ati tool will work with nvidia cards. Ati tool can oc your card with the find max mem/core. Voltmodding will shorten your cards life imo, same with using your cards max mem/core.

Ati tool dosent have the greatest artifact scanner try running 3dmark instead. Honestly 20mhz dosent make much of a dif in gaming just in benchmarks. Some ocing is good pushing it to far can fry your card.
September 26, 2007 8:15:20 PM

It would be far better getting a much better video card then trying to overclock that one. It's just tool old for "today's" games.