Do Vista and Raptors play nice now?

I'm currently working on building a gaming rig over time, and the time has come to buy a new hard drive (well... 3 really). The obvious choice for me when comparing hard drives side by side is to use a Raptor as the OS and program drive, then have a large 7200 rpm drive for storage. I did read a report on this site before about some occassions where Raptors and Vista didn't get along all that well, and I was just wondering if that issue has been resolved.

My current specs are:
Mobo: Asus P5KC
CPU: Intel Q6600
RAM: 2GB Corsair Twin2x
GFX: Gainward GeForce 8600 GTS

The hard drives I'm looking at are a 150GB WD Raptor (WD1500ADFD), and a pair of 500GB WD Caviar SE16 in RAID 0.

Currently I'm running Windows XP Home edition, within the next 2 weeks I'll be getting the Professional edition, and around Christmas I'll either be getting Vista Home Premium, or Ultimate edition. Each of these OS updates will simply involve backing up data to the drives in RAID and formatting the Raptor for a fresh installation.

My main concern is whether or not all my components will work nicely together once Vista goes in... I don't exactly like the though of not being able to go into Control Panel or printers going AWOL because of 2/3 components not playing nice.
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  1. The Raptor will be fine as far as Vista is concerned it's like any other IDE or SATA device. Raid 0 is just plane reckless. Yes the transfer rate will blow the raptor away but at very high risk of loosing a lot of data. As long as you understand the risk. My take is unless you're willing to put up the money for a 3rd party RAID controller I would avoid it all together. Motherboard RAID don't perform that well when compared with add-on cards. RAID zero is never worth it IMO.
  2. I know there's some risk to RAID 0'ing any drives...but do regular backups and that's negated, given the possible increase in performance. I've had a pair of WD800 Raptors in RAID 0 since Jan. '06 with not so much as a complaint, sneeze, or runny nose from either of them. Vista? As the above poster indicated, Vista doesn't mind the Raptors at all, besides giving them a 5.9 performance least in this poster's experience (32 & 64Bit).
  3. I've got a Raptor with Vista Ultimate and no problems here
  4. Thanks for the help, just after ordering it :D
    And given what you've said about RAID 0, I'll probably just go with the 1TB of storage option :)
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