Is it better to Defrag or Quick Format

I used to normally defrag my hdd when windows recc'd, but my last HD crashed while I was defragging I was wondering is it better to defrag a HD or just do a quick format and reinstall the OS. Which of the two will cause less wear and tear to the HD.? Timewise it will the same I think. It might even be faster to re-install the OS rather the defrag. Thanks.
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  1. Neither should cause significant wear/tear on a HDD.

    If your HDD Crashed while Defragging, it was going to die anyway.

    Reinstalling Windows would likely give the biggest performance boost, but honestly, I never really find the need to do either.
  2. I'm anal about defragging...perhaps I need not be. Considering the OP's question, I'd say its better to defrag. ...and I agree with the above poster...if your HDD gave in to the dark side while defragging it was likely going to give in to it anyways. I guess it depends on the complexity of your OS about the re-installation of Windows. I'd consider imaging your system, defragged, and offer that you could re-image it when disk performance seems questionable. Again, it depends on the complexity and customization of your OS.

    ...but like I said, I'm anal about defragging, even on my RAID 0'd Raptors.
  3. Raid 0 Raptors... guilty pleasure or was that $300 just burning a hole in your pocket that day? :)
  4. Na. They came with the Dell XPS600 I bought back in Jan. '06...I've kidnapped them for a newer rig, under E6850 management, wanted to give the Raptors a reason to live. :)
  5. Vista defrags for me automatically - now that I like :)
  6. Yes it does and that's quite likable. Is there a mech for seeing the defragging progress as in pre-Vista OS'. ...I've kind of missed that.
  7. There was not initially.
    MS Said that was because the presentation provided was really just BS anyway. Not sure where the truth is :>
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