Problems with My Book ES in eSATA-mode...

Hi there!

I´ve just recieved my new My Book ES 500 GB, the old one broke down. Still I´m not that happy.
When I´m using it in the eSATA-mode it keeps shuting it self down during operation. It work well for a few seconds, stops, start revolving again and stops again.
It keeps doing this for the entire operation which results in a longer operation time than the USB-mode despite the faster speed when it´s actually working.
Anyone having had the same issues?

I´m also having trouble loading Everest with the disk connected through the eSATA cable. It gets stuck trying to read the RAID configurations or something. Doesn´t the disk have a temperatur sensor?
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  1. Try a different esata cable or trim yours back a few millimetes at the drive connection. Read this, hopefully it helps. I also needed to change my drive mode in the BIOS to AHCI for acceptable performance.
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