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Hi, I've got a ASUS M2N-SLI Deluxe Mobo that is refusing my Patriot DDR2 PC2-6400 RAM [PDC226400LLK] - tech support said it's not on the qualified vendor list and so it can't be expected to work (although, the specs fit).
But, the QVL for DDR2 800 is really shallow, anyone have recommendations for RAM from personal experience with this board?
I looking for something good for gaming - probably something like: 2X 1GB dual channel DDR2 800MHz.
As an aside, two previous boards burned and need to be returned, but did run BIOS with this RAM.

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  1. I have an M2N32-deluxe board and I have been using Crucial Ballistix ram for about a year without any trouble. The only hang up I had was I had to manually set the times to 4 4 4 12. The board auto set them to 4 4 4 18. It seems to work about the same either way though. I've heard good things about Corsair ram so if I were you I would get which ever one happens to be cheaper at the moment.
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