Which PSU is right for me?

Hello Everyone,

I am building the following system:

Q6600 B3 Stepping
MSI P6N SLI Platinum LGA 775 NVIDIA nForce 650i SLI ATX
Crucial Ballistix 2GB (2 x 1GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800 (PC2 6400)
EVGA 768-P2-N831-AR GeForce 8800GTX 768MB GDDR3 PCI Express x16 HDCP
Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 ST3320620AS (Perpendicular Recording Technology) 320GB 7200 RPM SATA 3.0Gb/s
LG 18X DVD±R Lightscribe DVD Burner Black IDE
Rosewill R5601-BK 0.8mm SECC Screw-less Dual 120mm Fans ATX Mid Tower Computer Case
Logitech X-230 32 watts RMS 2.1 Black Speaker System
Logitech 980374-0403 USB Connector Circumaural Premium Headset 350

The PSU I am looking to buy is:


Now, here are my questions:

1. Is 750 W good enough? I "may" be overclocking both Q6600 and 8800 GTX. In addition I have around 8-10 USB devices, I will be getting a second HDD and a second DVD Drive soon.

2. What is this v2.9 EPS12V stuff? lol. It's confusing the hell out of me. Is this the right PSU?

3. What do you think of Rosewell? I wanted to go with Rosewell for 3 reasons:

a. My case is Rosewell, so they'd fit together nicely without size issues.
b. EVGA and Rosewell has a combo offer in newegg.
c. I like giving chances to not-so-popular companies, instead of helping OCZ to make big bucks:D

4. Will the video card fit in the case?

5. Can I overclock this system without extra cooling? Case has 2 x 120mm fans. If I can, what would be the limit? For both CPU and GPU?

Overall, any comments about my system? RAM? Case? HDD? Please post your comments as soon as possible as I will be ordering the parts as soon as I receive a response from here.

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  1. Rosewill if i remember is Newegg's brand, i would question the quality of
    the power supply, it's better to go with brand names that are reputable, something that will easily power your system will be something in the 600W range, and if you want some ease of mind a 700W psu will be plenty.

    Any of these power supplies will be great for your setup


    http ://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817151028

    http://www.newegg .com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817153039

    They will all fit in your case as it is a Standardized system so don't worry about that, your case i could almost guarantee will not accommodate an 8800GTX, compared to the rest of your system you seem to be skimping on the case.

    Everything else you've picked out looks great, i can't really recommend a case as i don't have a clue what your looking for in it.
  2. Why would you say the GTX won't fit in the case? This is the case:


    The thing is, even the full tower's have very very similar widths and depths, the only thing that's different is their height which has nothing to do with the GTX. Full towers are for 4-5 DVD drives, again 4-5 HDDs and 2+ CPUs. They are twice as expensive and very very heavy.

    In addition, if you read the reviews (search for 8800), someone said it fit in nicely.

    The case took me a few days to figure out really. I am still not sure what to get. Every forum I go, I get different answers. I don't want to spend $150 for a case, that's way way expensive for a metal case imo.

    For the PSU, you may be right, I will check out the PSUs you mentioned.

    How can I know for sure if a case is right for my built? Can you recommend anything?
  3. What do you guys think of this one?


    It has good reviews and discounts. Would this be enough for OCing 8800GTX and the Q6600?
  4. you really only need a 650w power supply like this one.

  5. Even for OCing? I have 2 external HDDs, 2 SATAs, 2 DVDs. I used PSU calculator and with OCing it showed 656 W. That's WITHOUT OCing the GTX, just the CPU. I don't want to take chances. My question is 700 vs 750? OCz VS Thermaltake? (Note Thermaltake's 750 version seems to have problem with 4 pin MB connectors and got pretty bad reviews)
  6. I'm sorry i just assumed it wouldn't fit into the case, if you read that someone has fit one in there then i guess it will work. Don't get the GamerXstream, they have some ripple issues. The ones i recommended would be ideal for your system. That Coolmax one also is not the best quality power supply. Do not get the Coolmax one either, If you are getting a quad core and an 8800GTX you need a quality power supply to back it, so your components will be well protected. The ones i recommended are a great place to start, ones from those companies would prove to be a high enough quality for you.

    I would recommend a case like this one


    There are plenty others out there though that should fit your needs.
  7. Thanks for your response. About the case, can someone please explain to me why I should pay more than twice for a full ATX tower case when:

    1. Mid tower I'll be buying has a depth of 19.7" and the full towers are between 19-21" (the one you showed me is 19.9")?
    2. I don't care about height as the only card I'll be putting on the MB is the GTX.
    3. I "may" need only 2 HDDs not 5.

    I don't understand it really I don't.

    Look at this:


    That was what you suggested. It's $120

    Look at this:


    That' s what I was going to buy. It's $59

    Now look at the dimensions:

    21.3" x 8.1" x 19.9" (H x W x D)


    7.9" x 17.3" x 19.4" (W x H x D)

    Both has 2 120 mm fans, both are almost same size, one is twice as expensive as the other one because its "full" tower.

    That my friend (in my opinion) is a rip off :D.
  8. Alright, I narrowed it down to 2 choices:

    1) http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817153038

    2) http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817256006

    1st one pulls 28A from 5v compared to 30A with second one
    2nd one pulls 24A from 3.3v compared to 30A with first one
    1st one is also MODULAR which is a very good feature

    So each PSU has a disadvantage when you compare the Amps. But which one?

    What does 4+4 MB pin means? It has both 4 and 8?

    This is my MB.


    Are they compatible with each other with no issues?

    Someone please say this is a good PSU for OCing and everything else, I want to order my parts !!!! :D
  9. I would stick with your first choices. EVGA offers a lifetime warranty on some cards, just check their website. I've never used or recommended rosewill, as I don't know who makes them. But with all the other brands having some issues from time to time, I would read the warranty and look for a rosewill website if you have any problems. Newegg won't take returns on most items after 30 days. But call them to be sure. The seasonic and pc power and cooling brand ps have the most recommendations, but you may have to settle for lower amps or wattage. I know one fellow personally who had a rosewill die on him in just a few days, but it was their cheaper 350w ps that came with a rosewill case. As for overclocking, it's a crapshoot. It all depends on your memory, ps, board and cpu. All have to work well and the operator has to experiment with various bios settings for stability. It's not as easy as some folks will say.
  10. For PSU references, you should take a look at the references list. I think it's in the power supply section of the forum. The guy who made that list explains in much details all aspect of PSU and has a very nice list references.
  11. That my friend is a PSU behemoth, it will serve you well. I was about to give you a similar choice, but that would work just fine.
  12. Typically you pay more for features and looks with bigger cases. I'm not sure why your so defensive about it, but when people are laying down over 1k for a computer they want a case to look good to go with it.

    Unfortunately you picked a huge psu that is not Standard ATX size and i would be would have trouble fitting in both the Rosewill you picked out and the Antec P180 i showed you.
  13. I'm not so defensive about it, I am just thinking realistically. I didn't buy the Rosewell case, I bought the following:


    3 x 80 mm fans
    1 x 120 mm fan
    1 x 120 mm fan (optional)
    USB ports at the top - huge and amazing plus
    Top 80 mm fan, again a big advantage
    Great size
    The way they made the front area where the fan can be placed (most full towers have barely any opening there to air to be sucked in the case).
    All for $69.99. Now please tell me, why would I waste more money?

    It's the biggest case with lots of room and lots of fans for that price. Now, the problem is, even the case that's $150 is the same size as this one or maybe 0.5" taller or deeper or wider. They all have some fancy feature that makes their price so expensive. That I don't understand. It's similar to buying QX6700 for $600 whereas you can buy a Q6600 for $299 that's 260 Mhz slower. It's just the idea of people going for the "price" or the "brand" or the "looks". In my opinion, the MOST important component of a PC is its PSU. After all, that is the only thing that will stay as you upgrade your parts. That's why I went ahead and bought the best PSU available in that range.

    I am 99% sure that PSU will fit in that case. I will make sure to post a photo of it when I'm done building it.
  14. Well like i said earlier there are many little details on high end cases that you wont find on low end cases. It's the things that make you appreciate the product when it gets there and is not something you necessarily bought the case for.

    Like i said before when people are laying down over 1k on a gaming machine they don't want to look at a bland hunk of metal, just like when someone builds a fast car, they don't end up with it looking like a rusted piece of junk.

    Obviously for you a case that is $100 is not justifiable, so if one for $70 or so seems fine, then get it. But People will never recommend those cases because you get for what you pay for, and good fit and finish, quality fans, and extras, are things you won't find in a cheap case.

    Also a case can stay as long as you allow it, even longer than a psu.
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