ASUS Striker Extreme

I just ordered the following:

ASUS Striker Extreme
Geforce 8800gts x2 320mb
2gigs 1200mghz kingston ram ddr2
250gb seagate hd

Since the 3ghz quad runs on a 1333 fsb, I really wanted to get components that would compliment it. I've read a lot of stuff about motherboards needing to have the 'p35' bit in their name to really work for my kind of system - problem though, in that I've been told that I can't run an SLI configuration on these boards - that they're from intel directly, and consequently, for some reason only run crossfire.

Did I get a good motherboard for running the quad 3ghz processor? Or should I get something different? (the guys I ordered from will change the motherboard if I change my mind). I have future overclocking in mind, but it's not high in the priority list - I just don't want any real bottlenecks in my system, the processor costs a pretty penny after all.
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  1. that is a good motherboard (but overpriced)
    and yes a p35 only supports x-fire not SLI
    you should have gotten 2 8800gts 640 mb if your runnning 2 in sli
    so, if you want SLI you have to get a nvidea chipset. if you dont want sli then a p35 would have been better
  2. You should have just gotten the 8800GTX instead of the 8800GTS. This is because unless doing really high detailed gaming, etc SLI is an overkill.
  3. The striker extreme is a nice board. Make sure you get BIOS 1202 or higher because QX6850 needs an updated BIOS.

    Also, if I were you, I would just return those 2 GTS and get a single GTX which will be more than enough. Later on u can add another GTX if you feel like going SLI.
  4. Some great advice here, thanks.

    So if I were to get a single GTX card, rather than 2 320meg Gts cards, I'd get about the same performance?

    I intend to run my games at about 1680 x 1050, and was told 320mb in sli would be good for that. The most important thing to me in games is the actual performance, not so much the visual quality, I may end up lowering my resolution to make my personal framerate requirements otherwise.
  5. if u play at resolutions higher than 1600x1200 , get the GTX , if not then get the 8800gts 320 , it perfrom like its older brother(640mb) in majority of games, if u have already oredered , well it depends on you .for the resolutions u plal , SLI MAY HELP in some games , but a single option GTX is good too
  6. Thanks for the advice here. I decided to send back my 2 gts8800 cards and get a single GTX ultra card.
  7. crappy combo

    you should evga 680 mobo with the 1333fsb chip
    or use a 1066 chip with the striker due the resistor issue and 1333 limit
  8. dragonsprayer said:
    crappy combo

    you should evga 680 mobo with the 1333fsb chip
    or use a 1066 chip with the striker due the resistor issue and 1333 limit

    I have the P5N32-E SLI and I've had my FSB up to 1900 and stable at 1800. My board is pretty much the same as the Striker and I'm wondering what your talking about with the 1333 limit. My stability issues stem more from my crappy L2 stepping E6300 than the board. Speaking of which to the OP I would suggest the P5N32-E SLI rather than the Striker, the only real difference is that the Striker has power and reset buttons on the board, e-sata, and a bunch of led's other than that they are the same and the P5N is $95 cheaper.
  9. To this date, I have not had a problem with this motherboard, the Asus Striker Extreme. It basically took care of everything for me when I started it up.
  10. its only with quad chips -dude! go to asus forums this is an old issue and quite well known

    the resistros have to moded to go over 1333fsb with a quad core chip
  11. i send 1 out of every 2 back either new or later for cpu-int
  12. I'm looking to get the new QX6950 when released, but seriously need the Sli option.

    I have everything for watercooling a rig based on the P5N32-E motherboard ... however, if I don't have a bootable processor to start with, how to I update my bios to get the board compatible ?

    Also, what are the known issues with the ASUS boards and the quad cores ? Since I'm looking at an "unlocked" processor, are the 1333 fsb issues still apparent or is this a moot point ?

    Thanks in advance !
  13. Two Striker Extremes so far; no POST, no boot, just CPU INIT.
    Do yourself a favor and buy something else.
  14. Alrighty, so I'm on my second set of RAM for this striker extreme mobo. I need 2 ddr2 800 chips equalling 2 Gigs total. Anyone recommend a brand and model that actually works with this mobo?
  15. Corsair XMS DDR2 800
  16. corsair twinx2 800 as mentioned above is great.
    OC at your own risk.
    I tried OCing Crucial balistix 800 with 5-5-5-16 (i think) timings to run at 900 Mhz (e6750 at 3ghz) and it blew the ram.
  17. I have Mushkin DDR2 800 2x1gb and I'm running it on a P5N32-E SLI which is pretty much the same board as the Striker and everything runs fine. The Ram is a little expensive but I've had it stable as high as 1150 at 5-5-5-15 2.2v.
  18. Can you run viiv on this board? Looking to change from TIVO to DirecTV DVR.
    Thank you
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