Hard Disk stutters when reading

Hi my Pc was running fine before. then i bought a new Hard disk Sata drive and installed it.
The first day I'm using it was ok. Then the next day when i open my pc. the first HD (Seagate barracuda sata)
was not running normal. It Stutters when loading and even opening windows sound stutters. The loading time also was doubled and the mouse pointer is somwhat not responding when it reads. What seems to be the problem here? Is it power related? i used a molex splitter and used it with both of them. and also some system fans are also connected with it. Is it the hard disk or the changes that made the pc run like that. Im thinking of reformatting, but will it work? or should i defrag it first? any help guys would be much appreciated.

a tried switching Sata sockets but it goes alot worst. I Tried to run scandisk it displayed some errors like file blah blah unreadable. I Run it again and found no errors but the stuttering is still there.

Does this happened to you Guys? thanks for the quick reply thanks!! :)
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  1. i found the solution. i put the system hard disk drive c: into sata port #2 and the second drive to the first port. All i did was I switched places of the hard disk. the System drive to the first sata port and the second drive to the 2nd sata port and its all back to normal.. !!
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