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Hi All,

I have an ASUS Pundit PC that has an SIS 651 integrated VGA.
Have recently purchased a Viewsonic VA2010wb 20" LCD wide screen monitor as an upgrade from a 15" CRT.
I have always noticed that the colours of text varies (from black standard) on the old display and now the new. Also find that alternate lines (just about) of text are sharp then fuzzy which I'm putting down to the onboard VGA.
Will try a DVI cable but was thinking that the better solution might be to upgrade to a better graphics card.
The Pundit will accept a a max of 2 by PCI cards but space is limited in a 'bookshelf' PC like this.
Any suggestions for a PCI card that:
1) will run widescreen LCD at 1680 by 1050.
2) Has DVI-D. out
3) Is 'small form' because of the space restictions.

Suppose PCI Express is not backwards compatible to a PCI slot?

Mainly run photoshop or standard MS applications.

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  1. Your Mobo have onboard DVI port?
    Use it, it probably will get rid of the weird colors and banding.

    GeForce FX 5500

    Geforce 6200A
  2. Hi Tony,

    Thanks for the reply. The Pundit has a DVi-I on it so will give it a try first.
    Problem is getting parts (like DVI cables (the Viewsonic didn't come with one) here in the desert!

    No, not playing any games on the PC. Just 'normal' apps. The only real 'graphics requirement' is for Photoshop.
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