Canon ImagerRunner 3035 and Windows 7

Having trouble printing on a 3x5 Address cards with windows 7 installed on our computer. Windows 7 doesn't allow us to create a new custom size or override the custom sizes alreay preset. We are able to print on the 3x5 cards in Windows XP and Vista both allow us to create a custom size in the Canon print dialogue box.
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  1. What you can and can't print is determined by the printer and software and nothing to do with Windows.
    The only difference here would be the Windows 7 driver and software being different from that used in XP.
    Did you download the Canon software for W7 as well as the driver?
  2. Everything was set-up using the disk that came with the copier which probably has the old drivers on it.

    I've gone to the Canon site to look over updating the driver but I don't know which is the best driver to install. I talked to a Canon rep but he wasn't really able to explain the difference between the multiple drivers for Windows 7:

    -PS Printer Driver for Canon iR3035
    -PCL6 Printer Driver for Canon iR3035
    -PCL5e/5c Printer Driver for Canon iR3035
    -UFR II/ UFRII LT Printer Driver for Canon iR3035

    I don't know which would be the best choice for my purposes.

    Thank you
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