HR-03 PLUS worth the money?

How many of you are using the HR-03 PLUS cooler for your 8800? Is it worth it?

My 8800GTS 320MB card came stock overclocked and was running about 59 degrees idle, and mid 60's while gaming. I have it overclocked to 648/999, and it's mid 60's idle, and low to mid 70's while gaming.

Just wondering if that cooler is worth dropping $60 on, and what I should see afterwards. I know my card isn't anywhere near heat limitations, but I always like things to be as cool as possible :sol:
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  1. from what i just read in a review.. it sounds very worthy... and there nothing wrong with going cooler ... i have a 8800gts640mb but mine doesnt even go above 66C while gaming and im gonna end up getting it soon
  2. In case you are still wondering YES I got it before it was review keeps my 8800 GTX in a case with only 2 120mm fan at 55c idle and 67 while playing Bioshock and Oblivion
  3. Ok, I think I will get it. I should prob change my above temps, that was with 3DMark06 hitting it hard. Playing Everquest II raiding, or even playing 2 char at once, it didn't get higher than 70 degrees at 648/999.

    I'll probably order it tomorrow, thanks.
  4. Well I have installed this, and it seems to be hovering around 60 degrees while playing Everquest II raiding. So for most things, I've seen 5 - 10 degree drop, so pretty nice.
  5. One thing to be careful on this though, this puppy is big. It fits no problem without a fan, but with a fan, it hits my cpu heatsink. However, I left the fan sitting on top of it, but had to adjust it about an inch so that it fit. So the fan is still covering 90% of it, just not connected with pins, but sitting on top of it running.
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