AMD//8800GTX Gaming and 3D Modelling system build

First time poster, long time lurker on TH.

Before I go any further, I'd like to say that the system is finalized (just need the company to finish building it...) so these parts are set in stone (however I might go back and add another 2 gigs of memory a little while later.

CPU: AMD X2 5600+ 2.8ghz Dual Core
GPU: Nvidia Geforce 8800GTX
RAM: OCZ DDR2 Gold XTC 2gig kit (2x1024)
Mainboard: ASUS M2NBP-VM (onboard Quadro NVS 210S)
PSU: Cooler Master iGreen 500w SLi ready
HDD: Hitachi 250gb SATA2
OS: Vista 32bit

Basically, I'm wonder how well it'll perform in most apps, been through the TH CPU and VGA guides and it seems to be a fairly solid system. Mostly just wondering what the people out there think, seeing as how this is built with next-gen games in mind

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  1. Looks good. I probably would have went with a 64 bit version of vista, but thats just me.

    To answer your question it will perform very well in games and almost all apps but if you do alot of 3D modeling (3d studio, maya) the Quadro FX cards are a better choice but since it will also be a gaming machine the 8800gtx should do fine.
  2. Trying to keep away from the Quadros cause in all reality, I do more gaming than 3d Modelling.

    I use Cinema 4D by the way.

    And I steered away from the 64bit version because I heard that MS nerfed 16bit in Vista64. And I have quite a few "old" games that I fear won't work on Vista64.
  3. I would seriously consider bumping up the RAM to 4Gb. Only another $100? That way you can crunch all the polys and textures you want in renders. Also check Vista 64bit compatibility with Cinema. If it is compatible...go for it. That way you will see a complete 4GB of ram instead of just 3.2GB if you decide to go the 4GB route. I am running 3dsmax with Windows64bit and it smokes. 4 FULL GB RAM! No bottlenecks...smooth shaded previews (ATI V7100). DOOOO IT!!!!
  4. Like I said before, I have a bunch of old games and I prefer to keep my old games.

    And Also, I'm more of a gamer than a 3d modeller and I'm sure C4D is 64bit compatible, however from what I've heard (including the sales people I talked to) Vista64 still has a crapload of bugs and the loss of 16bit is why I've steered away from it.

    As for the 4gb ram, it most likely will happen, but Vista64 won't.
  5. All of the 3D modelers use OpenGL or DX9. So, you can just worry about gaming performance when selecting a new video card, with an eye to the upcoming DX10 games. All the newer Nvidia cards will have good drivers for OpenGL.

    I would also get the Nvidia 8800GTX, and I uses Maya 7.
  6. Yeah GTX will work fine as Rick said, as far as the RAM goes more is always better but 32-bit OS wont see 4gb but migh as well buy it now while its cheap, that way in the future if you want to go 64-bit you wont have any issues.
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