building this soon // need a PSU

I am going to order these parts within the next week, I was wondering if all of this seems like a good choice for me: non-overclocker (unless I learn how to once i build this), gaming, and possibly making movies for counter-strike (rendering). I have been somewhat researching over the past 4 months, and i have been saving up really hard to get this. sorry if these questions seem pointless but i really want to clarify before i order. thank you.

**I plan on having this for a while...


CASE: ( i like simplicity so if you prefer something else please refer to this case)

CPU: (or is the q6700 coming out soon? any reason to not get/wait?)

MOBO: (was told to get this but some reviews dont enlighten me)

RAM: (x2 = 4GB, is there other ram u guys prefer? or RAM is RAM..)



**i need a psu, i dont have any idea what wattage this wuould take up. any other components to consider?

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  1. it's amps you'll be looking for. On the 12v rail you'll need about 30a-32a for the 8800GTX.'ll be looking at about 550w and up. An SLi compatible PSU would help big time.
  2. thanks.

  3. Corsair, FSP, Silverstone, Seasonic, Mushkin, PC Power & Cooling...

    No Rosewill, CoolerMaster, RaidMax...
  4. that says nothing ^^


    this site has it cheaper if you don't care where you buy it from. pply/q/loc/101/203270716.html

    It will handle your setup with ease
  6. Good case selection - the biggest concern with your PSU selection (outside of amps) is the length of your cables - since it's a bottom mount PSU, this case requires longer than usual cables. Most high end PSUs do satisfy this requirement. I have the P180B - as I really like the color. You may also want to consider the P182B - gunmetal black, or P182 - VERY SHINY CHROME.

    I would suggest what I have - the FSP FX-600 or go for the FX-700

    Eithe r way - you will have the length you need as well as the power. There are still other PSUs that you may want to consider - but FSP is rock solid and among the best out there.

    By the way - you will need to remove one of the drive cages in that case to fit the graphics card. No big deal, as you still have the bottom cage. Just wanted you to be aware of that since the graphics card is very long.

    Good luck with the build.
  7. is there a watt calculator so i can input my components to find out how muhc wattage i will be needing in my PSU?

    whats is the minimum that i need so i can get a little more..
  8. Yes!

  9. Here is the Extreme Power Supply Calculator:

    Yes, it is a good idea to buy above what you need (will last for future build), especially if you plan on overclocking/SLI in the future.

    Avarice suggested an excellent PSU and it has really long cables like you mentioned. Another one that meets your requirements (massive cables, rock solid):

    That OCZ you linked is sex as well. One thing to be wary about with these long cables: if you plan to use the bottom fan in the P180 there will be very little room to tuck/hide unused cables. Just an FYI, you might be surprised at the massive bundle of cables these PSUs come with. Another option is a modular PSU.
  10. First, the PSU calculator. Make sure you only set one CPU because it is only one socket.

    Second, In my opinion the best deal on a PS is the Silencer 610. %25 off, long cables and legendary performance. The case is a bit long, so you may have to move the lower chamber fan, but it's worth it. Single rail, so no concern about the insufficient current per rail. I bought one for a system I'm building in an antec 182 which is virtually the same case. Unfortunately I haven't got the parts yet. The Silencer is the same size as the Antec 850 and the guys at Antec assured me it would fit.

    PC Power & Cooling Silencer 610 EPS12V EPS12V 610W Continuous @ 40°C
  11. Holy crap, talk about identical posts. Great minds think alike.
  12. PCP&C is absolutely top notch. There are 'geek-like' bragging rights to owning one of those - and this is a really good price.
  13. is that ram good? its what everyone has been telling me to order but i just want to doulbe check since im getting into crunch time till i order.
  14. i think i might've done that calulator wrong cuz it said i need at least 680 watts lol. will 610W be more than enough?
  15. With an OC to 3400 and vcore @1.45V @100% TDP and 100% peak system load with DVD, DVDR and 3 fans added to your spec you are at 493 watts. The silencer will do just fine, because I seriously doubt you will ever run it that hard and you still have 20% headroom. with the same hardware and no OC 394 watts. With the P35 Anandtech got 1333 FSB (CPU @3.0) with no increase in vcore, that puts you at 409 watts.
  16. so 510 watts is plenty?
  17. You could get by with a 510watt if it was a quality PS, but you have very little room for expansion. You don't want to wind up driving your PS close to 100% because it will cause you problems. Also with the 510watt you have to worry about max current (amps) on the rails to ensure that the video card, and everything else, has enough current. Just get the Silencer 610 it's on sale for $150.00 down from $200. It will be quite comfortable driving the load of your computer and give you room to add some components or OC.
  18. thanks!!
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