Hard Disk Failure with sound

Helo friends,

I am spanish boy and me english is very bad, sorry.
My problem is with my hard disk, yesterday i have coping a film from my first HD (C:) to second HD (D:) and the system stoped it and one beep appeared.
The system was fully crashed, the block mayus key didn´t change to light... and I restartd my computer.
Later, when the windows xp was stand up, I saw that second HD (D:) wasn´t in my computer window.
And now, i have the second disk but i can´t do anything with HD.
¿What can I do? In the Bios, didn´t appear de second disk, please in this HD I have the most important files.

Thank you,

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  1. Mi espanol hermano, si Englais esta OK.
    Now let us see what we can do about your hard drive.
    First, let's make certain what type of drives you have. PATA or SATA?
    Second, If a drive stops in the middle of something, it usually means the drive is bad and needs replacement.
    Third, EZ recovery (software) is one way to salvage files, but the drive must be recognized by the computer BIOS or it will not work.
  2. Thanks for reponse, my disk is SATA II and in my computer i have two disk. The disks are SATA II 250 Maxtor.
    ¿What can´t i see the HD en mi BIOS?

  3. It's probably El Muerte :( . Try Seagate/maxtor's drive tools program.
  4. If is the dead of HD ¿What can i do with me files?
  5. Well, I am not so sure the HD esta muerte. Try the drives in a different computer. Make sure your BIOS drives setting is auto.
  6. Tal vez algún cable se desconectó. Hace algún sonido al arrancar? Si lo hace, es el sonido de siempre? Deberías fijarte si algún cable se soltó. Si los cables están bien, es posible que el disco haya muerto, pero la información quizás se pueda salvar.

    Si los archivos son muy importantes, te diría que no lo hagas funcionar. Fijate si hay algún lugar donde te puedan recuperar la información. Usualmente no es barato, pero tienes que ver si la información vale lo que te quieran cobrar o no.

    To the english people: I asked him about noise when starting the pc. I told him to check his cables, maybe some cable got unplugged somehow, maybe a 12V rail died. I also told him that it would be better to stop using the drive and get it to some specialized place to recover the information. I can translate your suggestions if you want to drop him a line.

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