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Hey guys, I recently have been doing research and I know that you can not use SLi technology in conjunction with dual monitors. But where im confused is after I turn off SLi, once I turn off SLi , both cards are still recongnized right?. With dual videocards can I still use the dual monitor options? (dual view, clone view). Also if I were to do this should I hook both monitors up to one videocard or one in each?


Edit: I also looked on the interwebs and they said just get a 3rd PCI ATI card and that fixes the issue and that allows you to run Sli etc etc. but what should the configuration be? both monitors into the cheap 3rd card, or one to nvidia card and one to the 3rd card or what?
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  1. I guess it really depends on what you're going to be doing on each monitor. I found that if I wanted to play a game on one whilst a movie was playing on the other, then hooking the monitors up to one card each worked best.

    As for the 3rd card idea, that would work well too i guess. One into the nvidia SLI and the other into the 3rd card for whatever else your running. That way there would be no need to disabled SLI.

    Once again, it really depends on your usage.
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