OC'ed XP2800+, need program to test for errors.

I just OC'ed my old AMD Athlon XP2800+ Barton, it ran 2.08ghz @ 166FSB with 12.5x multiplyer stock, my goal was to get the FSB to 200Mhz to make better use of my Kingston pc3200 HyperX Ram. So far it seems to be running smooth at 2.20Ghz with 200Mhz FSB 11.5x multiplyer 1.6v - YAY! :)

A few days ago someone linked to a program in another thread which where designed to test the CPU for errors, but I can't seem to find that thread again. Does anyone know which program it may have been and where I can find it please?
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  1. try orthos, that's my favorite one
  2. Nice, I have the same cpu currently at 2.1 though if I remember correctly I got it booted into windows at around 2.3. 16x multiplayer and stock volts.I could probably get it stable but my mobo doesn't allow me to change voltage or the multiplayer so yah you can probably go higher too , however I didn't see a profromance increase at all.
  3. Thanks, I'll try it out.

    well.. 100mhz ain't much, 200Mhz ain't much either but I was just playing around, and since it seems to be stable I figured why not keep it there. :)

    CPU is now recognized as an xp3200+ running 2.21Ghz at 200Mhz FSB with 11,5 multiplier - idle temp 45C - full load 55C.

    I read that after a succecful OC I should try tightening the RAM timings, so thats what I did, even though I believed there wasn't much to do since it is fairly tight from stock already ( 2-3-2-6-1 ), I quickly found out that I couldnt touch CL, tRCD, tRCP. However, there seem to be no limit to how low tRAS can go.. (I stopped at 4, because I chickend out - hehe), it currently runs 2-3-2-4-1, no errors so far. Seems to have made quite a difference.. it loads nearly all application running in the background of windows before the welcome screen let's me see the desktop, thats pretty darn nice...
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