Upgrade video card, not sure what to?

My friend isnt quite as smart with hardware or comps as i am, so im trying to help him out. Hes on a dell dimension 2400, not sure what type of serial bus hes got, i think it might only be regular pci, not express. Dell's sight has an option of upgrading to an ati x1300, but i prefer to buy from newegg when i do buy. he has 1gb ram, 2.4ghz processor, current video card is integrated. Not sure on the power supply and maybe upgrade if necessary? Does anyone know what he can and should upgrade to? the best possible video cards, or some reccomendations for the games he plays. He plays or wants to play games like, call of duty, half life 2, world of warcraft, age of empires 3, battlefield 2, battlefield 2142. Any help would be appreciated, if someone could reccomend a video card he could use, or the best he could use, or maybe someone tell us if he has agp or maybe even pci express x16, would be greatly helpful. If u have any questions feel free to ask, and thanks for reading =]
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  1. http://support.dell.com/support/edocs/systems/dim2400/en/F75560LRs.pdf

    PCI cards only, no PCIe or AGP

    Power supply is either 200 or 250w (+50w for realistic amount)

    Here are some that other Dell users have gone with:


    http ://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814133007

    http://www.newegg .com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814145087R
    These are assuming a 200w
    For a 250w the best alternatives people use are either a X1550 or a 6200
    Remember PCI only. Not worth it to put any more $ into other than a card.

    If you want to upgrade psu-these are for that system:


    This would only be a replacement for what's in now:

  2. so would u reccomend using that or an x1300?
  3. also, i consulted a friend who knows a bit more then me. He said upgrade to 5500, 5700 (couldnt find a pci one), or a 6200. I saw on newegg the 5500 and the 6200 were available on pci, and was wondering if his computer would be to handle either of those, prefferably the 6200. If it cant handle them, are there any upgrades that could help the computer handle them?
  4. I don't think there is a PCI card that can handle recent games properly, let alone games that will be released in the next year or two. Maybe your friend should consider buying a new PC rather than spending more on the old PC. Let the poor thing die in peace already... I hope he can find $800 or so. He can get something really nice for that money, especially if you build it for him.
  5. Well what is your budget?...that's the most important thing before we get into the details...Checking out the 2400 del dimension..seems to be a pentium 4 processor..

    The scary thing is..I brought up the Dell Dimension 2400 specs and it states it as a 2.66 ghz pentium 4...I also found one with a 2.4 celeron..

    Bro..sorry to say...that mobo doesn't even have an AGP slot...he's going to have to get a new computer..it wouldn't be worth getting a new motherboard for this processor and all that jazz..I would recommend dumping it and grabbing a new budget computer...Does he have any type of price range?..you can literally build a pretty good budget gaming rig for 500-700.
  6. for the current games he wants to play (and even future games), a new budget build would be the best option he could go with, otherwise youre stuck with poor performing pci cards (definetly poor performing compared to most anything else available now), and since it would be a custom DIY build, pretty much any parts could be chosen then (and he could reuse parts from his current pc if he wanted to save more money, but, just going with a completely new tower would easily offer the best experience, that way none of his current parts would hold him back, assuming theyre almost all comparatively slow)
  7. Yep. We need a budget.
  8. Indeed...you might be able to salvage the cd-rom drives if he doesn't care about looks. That'll cut down on costs. But you can get a pretty cheap case and a decent low budget psu (most important part imo). But yea..tell us what you want to do..because putting money into that computer he has now is a complete waste.....Just toss us a budget estimate and we'll all get working on a computer list for him..^_^
  9. he cant afford much at all rite now, so he just wants to upgrade his video card for the time being. hopefully to a 5500 or a 6200. He said in a few months he could have about 1500 dollars, i customized a comp on vigorgaming for him with taht money. nvidia 8800 gtx 575 mhz core clock, 2.6ghz duo core processor i think it was, and 2 gb of ram at 1066mhz frequency. Also a 250gb 7200 rpm harddrive. But for the time being he just wants a new video card to last him a few months
  10. 5500 or a 6200? Nice... those Solitaire cards will just fly off the screen with one of those babies!
  11. :pfff: I had a clients dell dimension 2400 here a couple of weeks back and what a slow pile of crap it was, 2.66 Northwood, integrated graphics and three pci slots, TBH I don't think any money spent on one would be a good idea or enhance performance in any way,shape,form or fashion.
  12. If he can survive a few months on integrated, he should do that. If not, he'd be able to play games like WoW, Call of Duty, half life 2, and age of empires 3 pretty well with this card.

  13. well, does anyone know if he could handle a 6200? otherwise ill reccomend him that 5500
  14. As evryone has been pointing out...it is not worth upgrading. You friend should either wait or find an open box deal somewhere or barebones from Tigerdirect such as:

    http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpN o=3246365&CatId=1916

    It is a budget system but it has a dual core CPU. The MB has IDE/SATA and 16X PCI-E so your friend could use some of his old IDE components ( HD, CD/DVD, etc) and get a nice PCI-E GPU.
  15. they do make pci 6200s... and for only $50 or less, i guess its not a bad temporary investment, since its probably the last upgrade hes going to make on that system, or should be the last upgrade for it if anything (wouldnt pay much more than that for the short time its probably going to be used)... the other option, is to just save like is being suggested, and make all the settings as low as possible for the time being (no aa, no af, lowest res, etc), cuz even with a 6200, there wont be a whole lot of improvement over whichever gpu he has currently, unless hes going to run on about near complete minimum settings for about everything even still, or even absolute minimum settings (whichcase, the only objective, is to make the games playable, by having at least 20fps min), this is as far as relatively newer games are concerned. for somewhat older games though, he may be able to increase the visual quality some, and suffer less of a detriment to performance. again, it also depends on which games specifically, WoW i hear isnt all that demanding, neither is the first CoD (as even my older TI4200 played it without much difficulty).... but, my TI4200 that i had for years was also faster that the 6200 i had purchased, mistakenly thinking it was going to be an improvement somewhat, so i took the 6200 back the next day. (i believe one of the largest reasons was that the TI4200 was pretty decent when it came to DX8, but the 6200 simply sucks when it comes to DX9, and since the TI4200 couldnt render DX9, all the DX9 games it could play defaulted back to a DX8 rendering path when possible). so, if he plans on playing newer DX9 games, the 6200 will at least be able to run them, but dont count on any real performance so to speak.
  16. how much of a step up is a 6200 from an fx 5500? my friend said he runs wow on high-ish settings on an fx 5500 pci card at 40 fps+ at all times. Comparing to that, how would you think a 6200 would do on just normal settings?
  17. Omgwtfbbq said:
    how much of a step up is a 6200 from an fx 5500? my friend said he runs wow on high-ish settings on an fx 5500 pci card at 40 fps+ at all times. Comparing to that, how would you think a 6200 would do on just normal settings?

    thats a lie lol
  18. thats a lie? i asked a question??
  19. though the geforce 5 series does suck, it appears even the 5500 can play wow decently (after reading some comments on it), which means the 6200 'should' be even better (since theyre both DX9 cards i believe)... one of the things to look for is memory bus bandwidth, go for the 128bit bus version if you can (avoid the 64bit bus version)
  20. Omgwtfbbq said:
    well, does anyone know if he could handle a 6200? otherwise ill reccomend him that 5500

    Yes it should be able to handle the 6200. Even though its a pci card its still a substantial upgrade from what is in there now. Oh and by the way bfg is selling a factory overclocked 6200 pci right now for 79 dollars, and that card will run wow just fine.
  21. Can i get a link?
  22. sell it. never buy a dell again. build a real system. choose the video card you want!
  23. i know dells sucks. I didnt meet him til after he had already bought it. I told him when he does get money, to buy a computer from vigorgaming. VERY much cheaper then dell. I customized a computer for 2300 dollars that was better then dell's 5000 dollar comp could even GET UP TO. and it STARTED at 5000. But he wont have enough money for a gaming rig for quite a while, so hes just gonna spend 100 dollars and get a new video card until he can get a nice comp. He said that might not be til winter, and possibly even summer, so he wants a card to last him for a while, which is why he wants a 6200 or a 5500. And does anyone have that link to an overclocked bfg tech 6200? i couldnt find a bfg tech one that was pci on newegg.
  24. best buy seems to have it: http://www.bestbuy.com/ just do a search for 6200 and there should be an agp and pci version that come up, same price, since the link i posted to it ended up not working

    but $110 for a pci gpu, hes definetly being ripped off... im sure other places might have cheaper though
  25. yea id say so, the other guy said 79 bucks, so i dont think hed wanna pay 50% more then the card he mentioned. He still mite just get an fx 5500 cuz newegg had one for 39 dollars. I havent contacted him about that card for 79 bucks so i dont know what hes gonna do yet.
  26. So, does anyone have a link to a bfg tech overclocked 6200 for around 79 dollars or less? i couldnt find one anywhere.
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