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Vista wouldn't start now random freezing

First the os was working good but there was a issue with my video card fan going out.
Using windows vista 64bit

1. I shut down the pc.
? I dont know if it shut down completely before i unpluged the pc to move it. I i disconnected all the cable's and moved it to my house location
2. I cleaned out the dust use can of air to blow the dust out.
3. made sure no power was to the pc i disconnected the video card with my static wrist thing on.
4. i took the fan off the video card.
5. used a heat gun like i allways do to remove the thermal paste then cleaned the surface with lint free cloth and added artic silver5
5a let it cool down
6. reattached the new fan onto the video card.
7. Pluged the video card back into the mother board.
8. brought the pc up to my room to test it out

Pc wouldn't boot showed a black screan with something like this.
Boot/Bcd Error: 0xc000000f

After looking into it i thought the hard drive was dead so i turned all power off and took the hard drive out and put the hard drive into my new pc to see i could see the HD i could see all files and open things with easy no lag or freezing. So i shut down and reconnected the hard drive to the vista pc and tried to start again same thing.
1. i inserted a vista 64bit recovery disc and tryed to run a repair but when i get to system recovery options it does not see the hard drive
2. restarted and saw the bios was seeing the hard drive and tried the disc again same things wouldn't work. so i thought it was the disc i downloaded full version of vista to try that
3. after burning and trying the new full version vista disc it acts same way will not see the partitions, hard drive, os.
4. i wanted to try my windows 7 disc and see if it will work to actully see the hard drive.
5. put disc in and get to the options section to pick hard drive and it see's it but said there was a partition problem or something. my mistake was not remembering what it said but i let it fix the issue and stoped doing anything with the 7 disc.
6 tryed to let it start and wow it did start but when i get into the system it freeze's alot and wont do anything for a long time then try something else and have to wait if it will respond at all sometimes.

7. i tried the vista disc again to repair windows but it still will not see the hard drive or the OS.

only thing i could think of next was maybe the hard drive is having a bad sector i downloaded the seatools for dos burned to disc and let it run.

found 6 errors on the hard drive and i reparied and ran again this time found 1 error i repaired and tried os again seems to respond better but still same issue. but not as bad.

I ran out of options and back to serachign and ran on to Partition Table Doctor which i tried and it said c was not active i made it active and checked fix boot and it all is ok but not sure if i need to do it in dos but i was able to run this on the vista pc in windows mode.

I tried to give as much info as possible of what has happened and hopefully i posted in the right location but im at a lose as to what to do now. Is there anything anyone can sugest or anything i should try again.

Break down.
vista is running now but freeze's all the time.
vista recovery disc or full disc will not see the hard drive but the bios does.
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  1. Forgot to say what type of pc it is.
    Model: m9517c
    hard drive: Seagate 1TB edit: SATA
    OS: Windows Vista 64Bit
  2. I was able to get safe mode to respond long enough to try a chkdsk/r to sch it at reboot and it is now running after restart. i will update if nothing better happens.

    any other thoughts.
  3. chkdsk/r didn't work stoped on stage 1 then i did the seatools again then tried chkdsk/r again seems like the system is responding and working but seems slugish. still cant see the hard drive from the vista disk. if i ever need to reinstall i might go with win 7 if someone doesn't know a work around.
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    no offense because I didn't read all the post, what did catch my eye was your last comment about moving to windows 7...
    it that time too anyhow bro.
    i wouldn't even upgrade, to assure no issues then perform a complete install including reformat.
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