DVI-I to BNC5 vs. DVI-I to HD15(VGA)

I have a Matrox P650 w/ dual DVI-I outs. However, the Viewsonic G225FB only has a HD15(VGA) or BNC5 connectors. Is there really much difference between the two connection types (considering it is from a DVI-I out)? If so, is DVI-I to BNC5 the way to go? Also, I don't do gaming and am more interested in graphics work (i.e., picture rendition). Thanks!
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  1. BNC will 100% give you the best picture possible. But most people will never even see the difference. The only real difference is that with VGA cables there is a chance for interference from other devices which can degrade quality. But just moving around the wire and moving the interfering electrical devices fixes that problem. But it is said that BNC cables will give the best quality possible for that set up. I'm planning on getting a Sony FW900 monitor (24 inch widescreen trinitron from sony..only widescreen monitor in CRT form). I'm planning to go DVI to BNC as well on this setup instead of the normal VGA connector.
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