hd 2900xt wierd problem. Need help pls!

Hi I have a wierd problem with my brand new hd 2900xt on a asus p5kc mb and I have 2x6 pin power connected to it. When I want to load asus ez flash with alt+f2 or if i want to boot cd's I get black screen and when I'm in vista and install ati catalyst 7.7 or 7.8beta vista just dont boot up and it crash and restart everytime and when i boot in safe mode it says vista have recoverend from blue screen. Can someone help me please? Thanks.
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  1. What's your power supply? Is this a new build? What card did you have previously if it was not a new build? Did you make sure to uninstall the drivers from the previous card if this is not a new build?

    Answer those and I can probably help you.
  2. its a new system, psu is corsair hx620 and I did reinstalled vista 2 times
  3. Can the vga card or the mobo be broken?
  4. How did you reinstall vista if you cant boot from a cd?
  5. gpippas said:
    How did you reinstall vista if you cant boot from a cd?

    I just get black screen but need to boot up with space and wait few mins to get screen.
  6. Hello allseeingeye,

    did you find a solution for your problem?, I have exactly the same issue. I have an ASUS p5W DH Deluxe mobo and a AT Radeon HD 2900xt, I removed all relevant peripherals (sound, etc) and I still experience your same issues. Black screen when I try to boot from DOS system disk, or when I try to boot from a Windows XP installation CD.

    Vista install works fine with standard VGA driver but when I try to install Catalyst 7.8 it will crash during install. After booting the system up it will go to Safe Mode.

    Have you tried installing your card on another mobo? I'm about to try that to discard that my video card is broken

    Please if you have tried something else let me know.

  7. Hello tachikoma,

    I did RMA it and they did found the same problem, but the new card I did get had exactly the same problem again so I did RMA it again. now waiting for new one again.
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