Having really weird graphic problems...please help

For example:

The video that plays in the back of Supreme Commander's menu flashes back and forth, in this pic it's not there

When loading 3Dmark the menu looks like this: http://img520.imageshack.us/img520/2051/18720872bz8.jpg
then for a brief second looks like what it's supposed to look like: http://img406.imageshack.us/img406/9575/37481939cn9.jpg

Then in 3Dmark there's these green and red flashy things that are not supposed to be there: http://img166.imageshack.us/img166/623/69284935kf2.jpg

And while playing supreme commander there's random white/black flashes.

And in Nvidia's control panel the 3d nvidia logo is all black

I got vista today. It wasn't happening in the morning when I installed it but now it is happening. I got vista with a new CPU (x2 4800+), Asus mobo and ddr2 ram. My GPU is a 7600GS overclocked to 540/420 (tried downclocking alot and problems still happened). I'm really frustrated to because vista messed up a partition while I was installing it, corrupting all my windows xp files.

And there have been some random shutdowns.

PS:I'm not sure what section this is supposed to be...
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  1. have you got the latest vista drivers???

    can you possibly test that card out on another pc just to see if its card itself or the drivers that are causing the problems.

    I would suggest you completely remove all your current nvidia drivers, and install the latest ones (again if you have already done it once).
  2. Well I just uninstalled nvidia drivers using drivercleaner pro and everything is working (haven't reinstalled drivers yet).

    EDIT: Got the latest nvidia drivers and everything is working fine again.
  3. k...have fun :)
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