x1950 pro and 8800 gts

ok, i have the x1950 pro but i waa thinking of upgrading i play games at 1680 by 1050 and i get about 30 frames a seconf 4x aa and 8x af. i was wondering if i would see alot of improvemnet i went with the 8800 gts, or the x1950 pro crossfire? would should i do? as im thinking is there any point of getting 3 monitors? as a result i will need 2 gfx cards. 2x 22" monitors and a lcd tv.
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  1. Must have some cash dude ;)

    Look here, this is for the 640Mb version.


    EDIT: Damn links arent working :(
    EDIT2: Fixed :)
  2. yes, i think you have tempted me. what make of 8800 gts should i get? or does it matter? will any 8800 gts do? doesnt the chart show that the 7950 gx2 is better than the 8800 gts?
  3. let me just say one thing....

    the 7950gx2 driver support is hopeless to say the least. Personally i would stay well away from it.

    As for the 8800gts make, get whichever offers the best warranty and price.
  4. Think about this:
    The x1950XT is a much better card than the x1950Pro and cheaper than the 8800GTS
    This should tie you over until the native DX10 games & cards come out (within a year)
    3 monitors? Don't know much about that.
  5. I have two monitors. A 22inch and a 17inch running at their native res off one 7600gt. The only thing I use the17 for is temp monitoring and occassionally MSN. But thats it. I am thinking of removing it. Of course if I could figure out how to get some games to run on the second monitor (ie Warcraft, Aoe2, older games) that would be sweet.
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