Front Panel Header connection issue HELP!


I purchased a new case, the Raidmax Smilodon.

The front panel audio headers are of AC97 type (which I found out through tech support), and its just one connector with 10 pins (Actually 9 because one is not really there). It does not break off into little one pin connectors.

This connection does not fit into many sound cards. Other than replacing the sound card, is there any sort of solution to this problem?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Headers for cases are typically compatible with onboard sound cards. If you have a soundcard like the xfi it wont fit. Please provide some specs of your system, specifically you sound card.
  2. Hey eric54. Sorry I left out the specs:

    CPU: Intel Q6600
    MOBO: Asus Extreme Striker
    SOUNDCARD: Creative Sound Blaster Live! Digital 5.1

    Here is a picture of the sound card:

    That white connection you see on the top toward the left of the sound card is the connection for the front panel audio. But this is a Creative proprietary connection. Is there anyway I can convert my "10-pin" header (which is 2x 5 pins) to fit this connection?

    My connection from my front panel audio ports looks like this:

    Please let me know...Thanks in advance.
  3. I should also provide these specs:

    The front audio header from my cpu case is for headphones and microphone. I see two red wires, two white wires, a thick black ground cable and two thin black cables which loop into the connector itself.

    I also noticed, as I have it plugged in my SupremeFX card from Asus, that when my headphones are plugged in, my speakers are not automatically muted!
  4. These work for the Audigy/X-Fi series. The connector on the Live! card looks the same, so it might work as well. They aren't cheap, but I have used them and they work as advertised.
  5. I saw another cable like this at performance-pc and it was $20. Will these cables disable the speakers when my headphones are plugged in?
  6. Kinda rediculous Creative doesnt f-ing sell these cables, or include them with the sound card. I'm fed up with creative and their crap! Just went to their site to see if they'll get some working vista drivers, NOPE. 8 months of vista and still crappy drivers. I have an xfi platinum and i'm stuck running on onboard sound, not that its worse because the audio from the xfi was crap under vista anyways. For maybe 20 cents they could include this cable and actually do something practicle for its customers instead of the bate and switch tactics they've become infamous for (24 bit audigy 4 debacle, class action lawsuit obviously taught them nothing).

    Anyway, when that retarded CEO dies or gets fired, I'll be glad to personally kick him in the nuts and give him a piece of my mind.

    *sigh* I really hate creative over their lack of driver support for vista 64 bit.
  7. eric54, you kick him a kick from me too. I am not too happy with Cretive at the moment.

    There has got to me someway that I could possible make this cable at home. I will post my a pic of my front panel header when I get home.
  8. You should be able to make one. You just need to know what each of the ten creative pins do. Then its just a matter of lining up the right pin with the right header input. Creative doesnt have tech support (with sh!t) but i'm sure someone knows this information, after all velocity micro installs the front panel headers on its xfi cards.

    Also, you need to turn on headphone detection, there is a setting within the audio console to automatically mute speakers.
  9. From what I understand, the detection of the headphones occurs at the connection between the sound card and the front panel headers. However, it looks like my front panel header connection does not have a cable that enables for this. But I am not sure.
  10. heres a website with instructions and a part list for building your own
  11. ok. i understand all this. im having the same problem too. and the guy that mentioned is right. i found it there for $20. still. thats way more than it should be, but here:

    ... its only a few $ saved, but hey. cheaper is cheaper, right?
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