SAS and SATA drives on the same controller?


I was looking into two seperate RAID configurations for a PCI-E RAID SAS/SATA controller that is capable of handling 4 drives.

One configuration would be a RAID 0 with 2 SAS drives. The second configuration would be RAID 1 with 2 SATA-II drives. Would I be capable of doing both on one controller or would I need to put the two seperate configurations onto seperate controllers? This is a 4x PCI-E card. Would I run into bandwidth problems on either configuration?

Yes I am aware of the possible data loss on a RAID 0 configuration.


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  1. Im confused... have you got a controller already or not?

    In any case a highend controller can do multiple arrays at the same time you just need one that can handle both SAS and SATA.

    I have an Adaptec 3805 which does SAS/SATA (you need different cables obviously) that is a PCI-e 4x and has support for 8 drives so you will have room to upgrade on this one.
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